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Who remembers Daisy, in fashions by Mary Quant?

When I was young, most Saturday mornings my granny and grandad would take my brother and I, in the Hillman Hunter, into the village to the mecca of a toy shop, Arbors. We were given pocket money to spend on whatever we wanted, music to the ears of us kids! I usually bought dolls clothes or accessories for either Sindy, Pippa or Daisy.

Here, Daisy is wearing a flirty little number from the London range, a filmy white-spotted red muslin frock called Dotty.

When I did the first rough drawings of my designs I used to mark the focal point with a daisy so I could decide later. But the daisy always looked better than anything else. The daisy was always lucky for me so we used it again for the cosmetics - M.Q - and of course for the doll.

Click on this link to see some of Mary Quant's iconic fashion designs from the 1960s, they are fab!

Michele had a daisy bedspread and a lovely MQ dress, lucky thing, and reminded me of Biba and AquaManda, of which I do remember the jazzy packaging. Carol's dad had a Hillman Hunter, my grandad's was a white one! Joanna has Sindys in her loft, maybe we could get to see these sometime? And Kim had a Sindy wardrobe, well funny you should say this, my best friend Stephanie had the wardrobe, dressing table excetera and I was always insanely jealous, still haven't quite got over the fact even after all these years!


Naturegirl said...

Mary Quant how I remeber that name!
I have no toys of my childhood.Now I have a collection of own teddies and rabbits!I love to dress them! I viewed your past posts and it is certainly a walk down memory lane seeing those hats!! hugs NG

Cowboys & Custard said...

I remember Mary Quant very well Louise..
I didn't have a Daisy doll, alas, but I did have a daisy bedspread with her distinctive flower motif.
I am sure I had a Mary Quant dress too.. with daisy motif.
My mother bought be some gorgous clothes in the 60's. I was much better dressed then than I am today!
Do you remember BIBA.. fabulous shop in Kensington. Oh and another trip down memory lane.. Aqua Manda products..FAB graphics!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember those dolls but maybe we didn't have them here. I do remember Mary Quant though! Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Louise! The blinkie is from Today's Creative Blog and the code is on her site to be added to your own so if works copying it from mine, that's great! I love those old childhood classics too but I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never watched Little House on the Prairie OR read the books! Shame on me! :) I really should one of these days ... Have a great Sunday! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Katherines Dream said...

Dear Louise you have brought a big smile to my face with your dressy dolls and Dad's Hillman Hunter !
My Dad had one of those too in bright blue, his first brand new car.....I loved it....Mum hated the colour!
I loved my Tressy Doll and had a wardrobe made by Dad for her clothes to hang in made from an old shoe box.
Ah those were the day's..........

Joanna said...

I still have all my sindys in my parents loft, I loved dressing them up, in there best outfits.

Ragged Roses said...

I remember Mary Quant - I use to spend all my pocket money on things for my Sindy (my prize possession was a Sindy wardrobe!). I also remember my cousin who was older and very glamorous taking me to Biba one day, it was like entering another world!
Kim x
PS Love the photos of your 60s Christmas

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Louise, thank you for your lovely comments on my Christams Decorations....when you do it yourself you never see it quite the way that others do, so it is nice to told it looks lovely.
Big hugs,
Carol xx

beeswax, said...

Just like on your earlier post the memories are flooding in, my granda had a hillman hunter too, it was blue, and as like you on a Saturday our gran and grandad took my sister and I down to the toy shop in Forfar, our eyes were filled with outfits for our sindy and tressy dolls, we each were allowed an outfit for our dolls and some colouring books, funny I was just talking to my sister about that the other day!
will post up the pic of me woth my tressy and sindy wardrobe and bed we got for xmas,
thanks again for the memories...