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Last New Year's Eve we pulled out all the stops.

This one we did on the cheap!

Happy New Year everyone.



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the Boxing Day Dippers ...

As viewed from the Pier, in extreme conditions!

For a different effect, I saved this group of images as Outline in Photoshop.

It gives a Lowry-esque finish of sorts.

Just as Lowry observed, these images capture the spirit of recreation.
Lowry spent many of his childhood holidays by the sea.
L S Lowry, is an Icon of England.


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it really isn't all bad news ...

I have 'arf felt groggy.

Nothing much, just a dose of laryngitis caused by a viral infection, with a hacking cough and sneezing fits thrown in for good measure.

Dosed up to the eyeballs with Benylin mucus (conjures up all sorts of unpleasantness) linctus, and rather nice sweets (the said wrapper above), there is nothing more to do than sit it out.

Frustrating to say the least being without a voice for well over a week, albeit much to the delight to him indoors!

After many restless nights on the sofa nearly going off my head with coughing, I can happily say today I feel I've turned a corner.

It's been a long time since I've put type to blog. A variety of reasons has kept me away, one being a major loss of heart with all that is blogging.

I figured we all love talking ailments and the weather, so now seemed a perfect time to make my return.

Many parts of the country have seen copious amounts of snow. I was beginning to think we'd escaped it in our neck of the woods, but no it finally arrived, and in plentiful supply too!

With crippled transport networks and mail services, no refuse collections, and panic buying of everyday essentials, it's all been a bit glum.

That's our car under the veil of snow!

Things can only get better, and better they did when the rain came and took away all the snow, and brought back the milk!

Not before I'd taken lots of photos of the white stuff in the garden though.

Keeping warm has been a necessity, and no doubt another astronomical fuel bill is in the making.
I love real fires, but a gas coal effect one is a good substitute if you're not in enough during the day to keep a real one ticking over.

There's no spits, but you do have to remember not to throw your sweet wrappers on it!

Being home all day I've been able to spend time in our little garden room.

It's quite snug out here with a radiator on, and a good place for keeping an eye on all that is going on in the garden.

Like this lucky black cat, a regular visitor, quite happy just to sit and watch the robin on the birdtable!



Remembering Mum ...

on her birthday.

Bright are the stars that shine, dark is the sky.



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Remembering our fallen heroes ...

A red poppy - for those who went to do a job but never came home.



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flying high on the Dyke ...

Well the gorgeous weather continues, the past weekend being no exception.

On Sunday afternoon we spent an hour or so up on Devil's Dyke, just north of Brighton.

Parascenders and hang gliders regularly descend upon this popular beauty spot in West Sussex.

The weather was pretty breezy up the top, so imagine good for this sport.

The sun was shining, although misty down in the valley.

It was cold, and I should have taken gloves, of the fingerless variety, for taking pics.

Had a good roast in the van coming home.

I must say the thought of throwing myself off the side of a hill doesn't do it for me!

Has got me thinking of base jumping. Yikes!

Many wires appear to be getting crossed!

East/West Sussex boasts stunning scenery!

Green fields, pretty villages and hedgerow boundaries.

Anyone out there know what it feels like to be exposed to the elements like this?

Whatever the buzz, they seem to be having fun just sitting up there!



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it's a real nice place ...

Views from Lydney Harbour in Gloucestershire - in October!

Bring on the sunshine!



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hello possums ...

I've had Australia on my mind over the past few days.

Here are some pics of Melbourne taken by me on our last trip to Oz.

They show the really lovely area of the Docklands.

You can get there by tram.

Back in January 2010, the state of Victoria was experiencing some kind of freaky weather.

The temperature soared to 45 degrees!

There was cloudless blue sky over the Etihad stadium.

Melbourne's equivalent of the O2!

Sand sculptures baked in the heat.

We baked in the heat!

Next time.

I want to visit Melbourne in the cold, with no heat and no humidity!

Never have we been in need of so many smoothies, ice-creams or bottles of water.

Or so thankful for shelter!


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apple festival at Middle Farm ...

We mingled with like-minded pomophiles at the weekend!

We do this sort of thing down here in West Sussex!

The lovely Bessie May!

Call me strange, but I love a cow's lashes!

This home is where the heart is!

What I got up to at primary!

No good without a load of apples!
Best to pulp up your friends pre-walk!