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it really isn't all bad news ...

I have 'arf felt groggy.

Nothing much, just a dose of laryngitis caused by a viral infection, with a hacking cough and sneezing fits thrown in for good measure.

Dosed up to the eyeballs with Benylin mucus (conjures up all sorts of unpleasantness) linctus, and rather nice sweets (the said wrapper above), there is nothing more to do than sit it out.

Frustrating to say the least being without a voice for well over a week, albeit much to the delight to him indoors!

After many restless nights on the sofa nearly going off my head with coughing, I can happily say today I feel I've turned a corner.

It's been a long time since I've put type to blog. A variety of reasons has kept me away, one being a major loss of heart with all that is blogging.

I figured we all love talking ailments and the weather, so now seemed a perfect time to make my return.

Many parts of the country have seen copious amounts of snow. I was beginning to think we'd escaped it in our neck of the woods, but no it finally arrived, and in plentiful supply too!

With crippled transport networks and mail services, no refuse collections, and panic buying of everyday essentials, it's all been a bit glum.

That's our car under the veil of snow!

Things can only get better, and better they did when the rain came and took away all the snow, and brought back the milk!

Not before I'd taken lots of photos of the white stuff in the garden though.

Keeping warm has been a necessity, and no doubt another astronomical fuel bill is in the making.
I love real fires, but a gas coal effect one is a good substitute if you're not in enough during the day to keep a real one ticking over.

There's no spits, but you do have to remember not to throw your sweet wrappers on it!

Being home all day I've been able to spend time in our little garden room.

It's quite snug out here with a radiator on, and a good place for keeping an eye on all that is going on in the garden.

Like this lucky black cat, a regular visitor, quite happy just to sit and watch the robin on the birdtable!



Simone said...

Poor Louise!!! I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell and glad that you are on the mend! We had hardly any snow here and then what we had was washed away by the rain. It has been bitterly cold though and I have been going to bed in my dressing gown and bed socks!!! I hope that lovely black cat only WATCHES the Robin! x

Cottage Garden said...

Sorry to hear you went down with the lurgy Louise, hope you feel better soon. My goodness you've had a lot of snow! Ours has all gone now and the thermometer has nudged above freezing but I hear we are in for some more next week!


Rosie said...

Oh dear, sounds as if you have been really poorly, Louise,hope things get better soon. It is -7 here this morning and so cold - best to stay in and keep snuggly and warm. Take carexx

flightplot said...

As this post is a couple of days old I hope that you're now feeling much better!
This was a lovely post to read through, with delightful photos.
I think that with the weather being like it has been we'd probably all rather be hibernating than blogging.
Take care, and stay warm. Flighty xx

BumbleVee said...

oh, poor you Louise...it's crappy to feel crappy... big hugs....

However, I love your wintery photos.... and hey...look at Nicky flying around your sidebar! Woooo .... look at that wild paint jobby! Won't mistake him for anybody now...hahhahaha......

Glo said...

Hi Louis - good to see you! Hopefully now you are feeling even healthier...sounds like you had a real dose of it. Laryngitis is a weird thing ... apparently even whispering isn't good for it! At least you are able to communicate via your blog and can be read loud and clear. Get well soon. I enjoyed seeing your lovely snowy photos.

Glo said...

PS I meant Louise, not Louis! LOL

kelly said...

Boy have I had that laryngitis too and the awful cough...still trying to get over the laryngitis too after weeks of having it. I can speak but not for long (probably a good thing some might say!) Hope you are fighting fit soon!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Winter sure does bring out the worse in chest colds. Glad your on the healing curve. Your snow photos are wonderful. Today we are having a blowing rain, still no snow.

Kathy said...

Hi Louise, sorry to hear you haven't been well. That's no joke when it's probably the busiest time of the year. Hope you are on the mend soon!
Love Kathy xxx

periwinkle said...

Oh dear , hope you are feeling much better now . Our snow has all but gone now and fingers crossed that tomorrow the bin men will turn up , it's been three weeks now !! Oh and we have snow forecast too !!

pebbledash said...

Hi Louise, I hope you're feeling heaps better, and are still tucked up nice and warm and toasty!
Diana x

Kris said...

Feel better soon!

I love this post. All those snowy photos. So scenic. So Christmassy. Even to me, who has never seen snow nor experienced a winter Christmas! I was listening to the radio in the middle of the night last night and their "London correspondent" was talking about the cold in England. She said the worst part was the disruption to transport. Apparently they run ghost trains overnight which are supposed to stop the tracks icing up, but it doesn't actually work. Fascinating stuff!

OhSoVintage said...

Just enjoyed looking and listening to your playlist, Louise.

harmony and rosie said...

It's good to have you back Louise, albeit a little worse for wear! Hope you're on the mend quickly though and the ground is green yet again. Take care and keep warm

Kate xx

BusyLizzie said...

Love the pic of the black cat in the snow, mine will NOT set foot outside of the back door this morning as we have lashings of the stuff! Get 100% well soon. Lizzie

Wild Rose said...

Sorry to read that you have been under the weather in more ways than one Louise. I do hope that you are now sufficiently recovered to enjoy the festivities.

Merry Christmas! Keep warm and cosy by that fire...

Marie x