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February Scavenger Hunt ...

Sorry no photos from me this time.

I got nowhere near completing the list for February.

Too few days in the month, too many hours spent at work, too many depressing dull and damp weather days, and a stinky cold all did there very best to get in the way.

You could say drat, drat and double drat - triple drat!

Signing off on a more positive note, here is the list for March:

a lion
a rainbow
something green
an empty chair
something sentimental
peeling paint
a collection
a ring
a fancy gate
a shadow
something as old as you
a lamb

I should manage this one.

I've a few ideas up me sleeve already!



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chocolate and cranberry muffins ...

Baked in red gingham cases, especially for Valentine's Day.

I'd say no thanks to oysters or champagne, unless in this shape or form.

The food of love.

I'd say yes please to chocolate.

This bar of the smooth and creamy kind ended up in the shopping trolley, with muffins in mind!

Romantic red roses for Valentine's Day.

The flowers of love.

These sweet cranberries look just like dried rose petals.

Cranberries are naturally fat and cholestrol free, low in sodium, and a good source of dietary fibre. They are high in vitamin C, and contain the most antioxidants compared with nineteen other fruits.

Soft and chewy chocolate and cranberry muffins.

The new food of love!

Happy St Valentine's Day.



fancy magazine ...

Have you discovered the Cooking and Baking Magazine available in Julian Graves stores?

It costs 99p, and includes £20 worth of vouchers.

I missed Issue 1, this is Issue 2.

If your passion is cooking, baking and beautiful photography ...

this magazine is definitely for you.

Included too are interesting articles and all kinds of hints 'n tips ...
and in this issue a recipe for delicious cupcakes, of the knitted kind!