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I've had Australia on my mind over the past few days.

Here are some pics of Melbourne taken by me on our last trip to Oz.

They show the really lovely area of the Docklands.

You can get there by tram.

Back in January 2010, the state of Victoria was experiencing some kind of freaky weather.

The temperature soared to 45 degrees!

There was cloudless blue sky over the Etihad stadium.

Melbourne's equivalent of the O2!

Sand sculptures baked in the heat.

We baked in the heat!

Next time.

I want to visit Melbourne in the cold, with no heat and no humidity!

Never have we been in need of so many smoothies, ice-creams or bottles of water.

Or so thankful for shelter!


periwinkle said...

Are you planning on going again?

Glo said...

I would have melted into a puddle! I haven`t been, but have relatives in the vicinity so perhaps it would be a great idea, especially when it`s winter here! Enjoyed looking at your photos.

Carol said...

Maybe oneday.....I will dream for now.
Do you ever get your photos printed and put in an album.
I always plan to but never get around to doing it.
Your photos are great but that Home where the Heart is is...to die for.
I giggled when I read your comment, if anyone was going to know I would have guessed you!

Cathy said...

Hello Loiuse
Just catching up with some blogs - been away so am really behind
Tell you what, if you come down now you won't be hot at all. It was only 13c here in the eastern suburbs yesterday with rain as well. Roll on summer!!
Take care

Kris said...

Hey! I was in Melbourne on the weekend! Yes! Next time come in Autumn or Winter. Summer is just too much here. I have really enjoyed our winter this year. Our rainfall here in Adelaide has hit the average (After years of drought) and everything is green and lovely right now! Not looking forward to summer at all. Just so grateful for aircon!