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are you on Twitter, or Facebook ...

Once I get started, only an Elastaplast can shut me up!

With this is mind, would you like to keep in touch with what I am up to, on Twitter or Facebook?

Yes, I know I said I never would, but I have!

To be honest, it is an easy way to keep in touch with anyone you know (a friend or colleague), or wish you did know (a music star or sports celebrity), using short and timely messages.

It's a great way to share mutual interests too.

So far there's a lot of MotoGP talk on mine, but the season is coming to an end in a month or so!

Please come and find me @LouiseCoulter64 on Twitter, or just plain old Louise Coulter on Facebook.



periwinkle said...

FB request sent :-)

Rosie said...

Have just sent a request on FB:)

Simone said...

Not sure I'm ready for Facebook or Twitter just yet. Reading blogs takes up most of my spare time but like you, never say never!!! x

Poppy said...

I have to say I was so against FB…I’m glad I changed my mind! It’s a great way of catching up with old and new friends.

Lou x

Glo said...

I'm not on Facebook or Twitter, but I will check back here to see if you are about ;)