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photo from the book - Chloe Preston and the Peek-a-Boos

with a couple of friends, over tea and fruitcake ...

I've chosen the winner of my 300th post giveaway.

Well to be honest, it was over coffee, on my own, with no cake!

I asked you what you thought Haurel and Lardy's scruffy-looking ginger mog was keeping a lid on?

The winning suggestion would come from the person who put the widest smile on my face - and who did that?

It was you Lyn, from Everyday Life!

I think it's Robbie Williams in a union jack thong!!!

Laugh, I nearly cried!

It was tricky to choose an outright winner, so there will be a little something for three of the more thought-provoking comments received.

A small treat will be going to Kath at Juicy Fig, Marie at Dreaming of Wild Roses, and Sarah from The World of Twiggypeasticks!

I need all of your addresses, please.

A big thank you to everyone who finds the time to comment, and to follow me so avidly on the blog.

If you possibly can, please continue to make my day!



Simone said...

I am glad that the Ginger moggy was keeping a lid on it if Robbie Williams was inside wearing a union Jack thong!!! x

meri said...

Congratulations to the winners!!!

Kris said...

I was looking around on your blog and noticed that you had an endometriosis link which I found really interesting. I am an endometriosis sufferer myself as are some of my daughters. (And my mother too actually!) I love looking around at your interesting bits!

Kathy said...

Oh my what a thought - good job he was in that basket!
Love Kathy xxx

Rosie said...

That was a super comment - congratulations to all the winners:)

Wild Rose said...

How exciting! I haven't won anything in ages. The winning comment was great!

Marie x

JuicyFig said...

hehehe, thanks! Glad I could help make you smile as the thought of RW in ANYTHING makes me very scared!!!

Will e-mail you my details - keep smiling!