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violent veg pin badges ...

For any of you who have looked in to my garden blog lately will know what I want in my Christmas pillowcase this year? Looking through the brilliant Violent Veg website I have discovered you can buy these great pin badges, although they are currently out of stock, which is actually good news, as the more sold the more money goes to the charity. I hope the production line is busy making more?

Collect all 5 fun Violent Veg 3D pin badges in one fell swoop. You can share them with your friends, or pin them all on your lapel or your bag or wherever. Just buy them and you’ll be helping to support the vital work of our chosen charity, The Anthony Nolan Trust.

Each badge comes with its own Violent Veg cartoon and more information about The Anthony Nolan Trust, the charity that takes back lives from leukaemia. The Trust will receive the full net proceeds from your purchase of these badges.

Did you know that there are around 7,000 children and adults in the UK seeking a suitable bone marrow donor to give them their chance of life? By buying these badges, you’ll be helping the Trust to continue their lifesaving work. Thank you.

Also, the Trust needs to recruit more people aged 18-40 to the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register, especially more young men and people from black and minority ethnic communities.

The Anthony Nolan Trust is a registered charity no. 803716.

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the flour loft said...

Hi Louise,
Thank you for your lovely message. Things have been busy with me but i do hope to do a post soon.. off to the studio now... a few more orders to finish. Thanks for making me aware of the pins.. my friends mum is fighting leukaemia at the moment. I will try and get some and make others aware too. Will be in touch soon my lovely blog friend.
Have a fun weekend.