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I have noticed many of you love to have mulled wine warming up on your stoves over the Christmas period, so do I! Last Christmas we made our first ever visit to Germany, we loved it and hope to go again in the near future. We stayed in Cologne, where we had so much to see and do, the markets, the cathedral, shopping and of course the brauhaus!

Our highlight of the trip though was visiting the numerous Christmas markets scattered around the city, each one easily reached by train and tram. The evenings got very cold and so a good excuse to have a warm mug of gluhwein or two whilst walking round, or post mugful as in my case staggering, me and alcohol just don't mix! If you fancy trying some, we have discovered you can buy the very same thing over here in Lidl, we always stock up with a few bottles for over the festive season.

In the photo above you can see my two lovely terracotta mugs. We happened to stumble across a mediaeval market along the Rhine, where they were serving gluhwein in these, I liked them so much I sacrificed the deposit you pay for the mugs and brought them home, miraculously they made it in one piece!


nikkipolani said...

Anything warm to drink whilst walking in cold weather is terrific! Like you, Louise, I can only take a very little alcohol before my head spins and I get very sleepy.

Cowboys & Custard said...

I'll drink to that Louise!


Here's to your good health and happiness.


Katherines Dream said...

We love Mulled Wine. We had a mug of it at a Christmas market in Lymington at 11am in the morning!!!!.....bit early, but it warmed our cockles! Wonderful.
Carol X

ChelleBez said...

I bet you were excited to find the same wine near where you lived. Its always fun to be able to revisit fun vacations in sensory ways other than pictures. Now you will always have that little piece of your trip.

Enjoy an extra glass for me!

P.S. What is your new venture? You have my curiosity piqued. Especially since everyone on here seems to be some kind of artist with fun creative outlets.

Katherines Dream said...

Wow, I am off to Lidl in the morning, thank you for the tip Louise!
{"_"} Carol X

...... Kristina ...... said...

Hi There,
Thanks for the info my brother in law is manager in a lidl...i'm phoning my sister first thing! your terraccota mugs are lovely.
Please could you visit my last post as i have an award for you.
Kristina XxX

beeswax, said...

Cheers to you Louise, the mugs are divine, and your visit to the Rhine sounds so lovely, must have a look at the area on the web, as like you booze and I don't mix, but I do have the odd bailys and white wine at Xmas, this bottle looks very nice, even just to have in the cupboard!!!
Kath x

Lesley said...

I think I would have forfeited the deposit for those mugs too! They're lovely. Now I have to admit to enjoying the odd mug of mulled wine myself although last year at the christmas market in manchester I was incredibly giddy after just one! The big sausages were nice too!! ;-)