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you make me laugh award two, three and four ...

A few weeks ago Michele from Cowboys & Custard was awarded with this, sorry Michele you can't have another one, that mantelpiece of yours just isn't big enough! I thought as it is coming up to Christmas that maybe we were due for another couple plus one, so here goes:

Award No 2 goes to Daffy at Approaching 40 - Daffy is a regular, witty and amusing visitor to my garden blog (link on the side to take you over to the other side, I thought I would take the opportunity to throw in a quick plug)!

Award No 3 goes to Jane at Mull Musings - Jane is also a regular, witty and amusing visitor to my home blog.

Award No 4 goes to Captain Rupert c/o Joanna at Higglety Pigglety, he visits me at both my blogs. I really need not say more, just take a look for yourself, he really does love a good piece of carrot cake!

On their own blogs, their anecdotes of everyday life really do bring a smile to my face in my everyday life, and after a mind curdling stint at work, one really does need this sort of tonic, although preferably with a vodka in, no gin here please!


daffy said...

Goodness me! *clears throat* I'd like to thank my agent...my manager.. my hamster Bruce, without them, well.... I would be nothing. :o)

Ah thanks Louise. That's lovely. I assure (one s or 2?) you, I feel the same coming over here or there *points to the garden* It feels just like home so thank you.

Cowboys & Custard said...

Oh Boo Hoo... two would look so good on my mantelpiece.. matching pair!
Seriously now..as this is a laughing award.. Congratulations..to Fuschia Girl, Daffy and Captain Rupert.. Well deserved!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Good-O for the Captain Rupert's award. We have saved that recipe here at The House of Rabbits and will be making the goody very soon!

The four footers demand it!

A oretty blog you have there!

Captain Rupert said...

Thank you very much for an award,we are very glad to be able to bring a smile to your face, that brings a smile to ours and makes us very happy.