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Raymond Briggs' unique characterisation of Father Christmas is based on his father - "Father Christmas and the milkman both have wretched jobs: working in the cold, wet and dark."

"People often ask about the technique in (The Snowman) - it is done entirely with pencil crayons, with no line in pen or pencil and no washes of ink or watercolour."

"In Fungus the Bogeyman I wanted to show the petty nastiness of life - slime and snot and spit and dandruff, all this awful stuff which is slightly funny because it detracts from human dignity and our pretensions."

The Worthing branch of retail chain British Bookshops Sussex Stationers, in Montague Street, is supporting Chestnut Tree House children's hospice's competition. The task is to design a Christmas card for the hospice, which is based near Arundel and is the only children's hospice in Sussex.

Raymond Briggs, illustrator of The Snowman, will be choosing the winners of each age group. The winning designs will be transformed into Christmas cards which the hospice will sell next year. Last year's winners, along with an exclusive design donated by Mr Briggs, will appear in the shops at the end of this month.

For more on Raymond Briggs click on this link.


The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Louise,
I trust you enjoyed your Christmas, despite falling asleep when Doctor Who was on!!!!! I love The Snowman and grumpy but lovable Father Christmas by Mr Briggs and I would never fall asleep when they are on. Wishing you and yours a very happy new year.
Sandi x

beeswax, said...

Thanks for that Louise, no I didn't know it was on, will watch it glued to the set, love rolf too, Raymond Briggs is also a wonderful artist, love his work...
Hope you have a good New Years Eve, I get rather emotional at this time of the year, as many of us do, but will be back on form come the 1st....
Hope your year is full of fun and happiness Louise, Hugs, Kath.

beeswax, said...

Oh, meant to say enjoyed the post on STRESS...here here..x
now I'm off to look at those Hallmark E cards...
Kath x

beeswax, said...

Ehh! sorry!!it's me again..
I found this web page, what a pity I hadn't seen it before, maybe you have looked at it, will try and paste it here..


oh, no it won't link sorry Louise, anyway I google in MBL society and it gave me this page, which is not a society but was exhibiting her work, and is until 5th of Jan2008?..there are lots of intresting exhibitions on there,Potter, Kate Greeway and loads more, how I missed this i'll never know!! thought it might intrest you, have a peek...wish we had lots of stuff to exhibit ourselves, great fun!!
Kath x