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boxing day dippers ...

This is what some of us Southerners get up to on a Boxing Day morning. For a few years now we have been going down into Worthing to watch these very mad, but charitable fools take a dip. The first year of going we were more intrigued then anything else, and walking along to Splash Point to see them was more of an afterthought, as we usually just looked around a few of the shops at the sales. Anyway we discovered what a laugh it was and it has now become one of those events we go to every year. Last year at least 100 dippers took part, and proceeds every year go to the local hospital cancer care unit. As you can see there was another great turnout out of brave souls and spectators this year, and a dog!

ready, steady ...


enjoy the moment (don't be fooled by the lovely blue sky, that sea temperature is extremely cold)

a very hasty retreat back to the shore!

With both of us amongst hundreds of others, looking on in our lovely snuggly warm fleecy attire, with two great Cheshire cat grins on our faces and having a real good laugh at some other poor beggars expense. This is a great event, catch it if you can.


Cowboys & Custard said...

Rather them than me!
Lovely refreshing end to the year and a perfect solution for the festive lethargy..
Weren't you just a little bit tempted?? not even a toe??
Lovely to see you back Louise..

Cowboys & Custard said...

Get well soon...
Hope you are bright eyed and bushy tailed again in time for the New Year..

OhSoVintage said...

BRRRRRR! They always used to hold a Christmas swim where I used to live in Cornwall but I, like you, was always a spectator. Mad dogs and Englishmen....

ChelleBez said...

People like that are insane! Glad to hear that you are not one of them. I guess at least it was done for a good cause, but good grief!

Glad to see you back to blogging after a much deserved break. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


Beeswax, said...

sorry to hear you had the tummy bug blues Louise, maybe a dip in the freezing water would have just been the job!!lol./
Seriously though, glad to hear you are a wee bit better, now you rest andlet J spoil you to bits, feet up,and plenty fluids(water, sorry)and prepare for your new year blog, as we all wait with abaited breath at the next batch of wonderful photos and wonderfully written posts, I love reading your blog, there is something very soothing about the flow of it all..
Love Kath,
P.S. now remember, feet up, "cup of tea required here J"..do you think he heard me lol..

Beeswax, said...

Oh..meant to say watched it ontv, thanks for that aagin , it was very good,lots of lovely clips of the places in the books, enjoyed it very much..Kath

SweetAnnee said...

looks like fun to WATCH
but no going in for ME
thanks for sharing!!