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my eight happy thoughts for the day ...

Celia from Purple Podded Peas tagged me for eight happy thoughts meme. I thought I was always happy, having happy thoughts!

1 - On waking, realising that today is Saturday, and

2 - Now I know that drinking tea is healthy, I don't have to stop at one cup, and

3 - If I choose too, I can potter around indoors and outdoors, all day, being able to

4 - Maybe catch up with some dramas on tape, and

5 - Think of enjoying a few chocolates or two, later

6 - Being able to wrap up a few Christmas presents, before

7 - Retiring to my cosy bed knowing that J will be home from his fishing trip in the morning, and

8 - Knowing I have another day to be able to do it all over again, if the mood takes me!

I would like to pass this tag on to everyone who comments on my blog, to tell us your eight happy thoughts, but only if you want, if you really really want to!


Magic Cochin said...

What a blissfully happy Saturday!

thanks for sharing!


Katherines Dream said...

And have a blissful Sunday Louise, I will join you in that cuppa.....have you tried jasmin tea? it is really nice.
Carol xx

Cowboys & Custard said...

In the immortal words of Lou Reed.. It's such a perfect day....
Sounds idyllic... especially No:5!

Fuchsia Girl said...

what a wonderfully happy day you had - hope Sunday was as equally happy.

beeswax, said...

lovely blogg, will post up my 8 happiest thoughts, just because you asked ever so politely. So much to read on your page will enjoy going over it again, and again..best wishes, beeswax