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From the results of my November poll, tea has been voted the number one drink amongst many of you receiving 65% of the vote. Coffee came in second with 30% of the vote. Drinking neither received 5% of the vote, who was it who justs drinks warm water out there, was it you?

How do you take yours? With tea leaves or bags in a teapot, or just a bag in a mug or in a cup with a saucer, with milk and sugar, without sugar, just with milk, with sugar and lemon, just lemon, or do you drink just plain tea, so many questions? And do you put the milk in first or last? There are many ways to drink tea and many places to drink it, from the humble old greasy spoon to the plush old Ritz!

It looks as though he enjoys a nice cup of tea! I wonder if this photo was taken in a Lyons Tea shop? Within these quaint establishments customers listened to live music, and were served by waitresses dressed as air hostesses called ‘nippies’.

The tea shop tradition began in 1864 when the female manager of the Aerated Bread Company started to serve food and drink to her customers, favouring her most loyal patrons with tea. The idea rapidly spread throughout Britain like wildfire. This was partly because tea shops provided a place where unchaperoned women could meet friends and socialise without damaging their reputations. How coy?

Click on this link to take you to Yorkshire Tea to read the benefits that the good old English cuppa can bring to your health.


Nicola said...

I drink Rooibos tea these days - redbush tea from South Africa. Plain. I only drink coffee about twice a month! How do you get those little polls on your sidebar, by the way?

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Louise
As you know I am a big fan of Yorkshire Blend tea.. we buy the 'hard water 'tea bags as Bath is notorious for limescale! amongst other things.. Bath Buns, Bath Spa etc etc.
I like the whole ceremony of making a pot and warming it in the aga first then pouring out into favourite mug.. cornishware of course!
Have a lovely laid back weekend!
P.s Thanks Louise for all your supportive and friendly comments..they make my day.. every day!

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Louise,
I love your Cornishware........
Nothing like a cuppa in bed in the morning!I have to have it to get me started.
Tea from a teapot tastes so much better to me and like Michele the whole ceremony of warming the teapot on the Aga and placing it on a pretty tray along with the mugs carrying it to the table to serve....I find very comforting and homely.
Have a lovely weekend.

Lesley said...

I have a confession.... I'm the secret hot water drinker!! Don't know why but tea and coffee just don't agree with me anymore and I've come to really like boiled water. Most people think I'm a bit mad I think! ;-)

I adore your yellow cornishware!

Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Hi Louise,
No matter what flavor tea I drink, I always add honey.

Nicky said...

Hi Louise, this post has made me a very happy girl indeed! I LOVE tea, I drink it on the hour virtually! And like Michele, I love the ritual. Always a teapot and a china teacup involved for me, and everyone who knows me knows it! Although there is a time and a place for tea in a mug, my favourite floral mug of course! x