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the weather picture for this evening over the south of england ...

The heavens have just opened and it is absolutely bucketing it down outside, yes I know we don't want another hosepipe ban, and yes I know the garden needs it, but over the past few days every time I try to get rubbish to the bin or kitchen waste to my compost bin, it has been raining, soon I shall have rats setting up home outside my back door! Moan over, I do actually quite like the rain and don't really mind being out in it as long as I have got my hooded coat on me (I don't tend to bother with a brolly these days), and it is rather nice to stand watching it from the window too.

One type of weather that we seem to get a lot of here in the British Isles is rain. Rainfall starts out high in the sky when the tiny water droplets contained in clouds merge together and start to grow in size. Eventually the droplets grow to such a size that they become too heavy to remain floating in the air and fall out of the cloud towards the ground. You may, however, have noticed that not all rainfall is the same. Sometimes the raindrops are small and not easily seen. This is called drizzle and usually comes from low, grey clouds. At the other end of the scale the fast heavy rainfall that we get in summer storms tends to be from larger towering clouds. The amount of rain that falls varies from country to country and often changes between the months of the year. In the British Isles, it is generally wetter in the west and drier in the east and it also rains more in the winter than in the summer.

I know what you are thinking, no I am not a meteorological anorak, but an anorak and wellies would come in handy when out and about in this weather!

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cd&m said...

We live on the Dry side of England, East Anglia can't imagine what it must be like to live permantly in eg. wet Wales as the kids call it. Still I love the rain so no complaints here.

Wild Rose said...

Hi Louise,

I do hope that you are surviving all that rain. The weather at this time of year is so changeable. Still, at least it is generally mild in the south of England and not as severe a climate as we have here in Canada.

Marie x

Megan aka Melting Wispa said...

Hi Louise, I know what it means to rain up here on Mull. We are half way between Tiree an island 20 miles to the west of us which is the sunniest place in the UK and Fort William to the NE of us on the mainland which is the wettest!

We do get rain but not as much as you might think because of the Gulf Stream. But I bet you'd never have guessed that our rain can be so relaxed and lazy it comes in from the west horizontal! What sort of rain is that?

The best way to enjoy the rain is to treat yourself to a really bright snazzy fun pair of wellies and go out dancing and splashing in the rain. :-)

Thanks for the birthday wishes by the way. Fancy being Scorpio twins!

Jane aka Fuchsia Girl, sometimes confused with Megan

Anonymous said...

That's the kind of weather that makes you want to curl up in front of a roaring fire with a good book. Hope you can enjoy staying inside! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Cowboys & Custard said...

Bring on the snow..I say!
Rain is my least favourite weather..
The cat (Pickles) has asked for wellies for Christmas.. fed up with getting paws wet!

Magic Cochin said...

I was brought up (and now live) in the driest part of Britain - central East Anglia. So when I was at Art College in Brighton the Autumn and Winter rain was a shock!!! IT BUCKETTED DOWN!!!! TORRENTIAL!!!! never known anything like it. Water filled the "area" outside my basement room and seeped under the door! Rain drove horizontally up the side streets from the seafront. Tingly cold exfolliating Brighton rain!


Joanna said...

I'm drying out after a weekend in the lakes the rain was horrid. It had just about cleared up in the lakedistrict when we left. Only to hit loads on the motorway on the way home. I never made it to the B P gallery

Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Those are some cute boots...I just love them!

Fuchsia Girl said...

Love the wellies Louise.

I sent John to Oban a couple of weeks ago to buy me some wellies with the strict instructions NOT to bring back any yellow wellies (all the fisherman wear these) and definately NO orange wellies (I didn't want to be confused with a space hopper!); anyway he came back with a purple pair covered in pale pink, pale blue and dark grey labradors. They are so cool - I love walking Megan in them.