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treacle puds with proper custard ...

J needs comfort food, England are losing 2-0, well I say that but I am never too far behind in the queue when treacle sponge puddings are being served up straight from the steamer, teamed with proper homemade Bird's custard, well who could refuse?

Doesn't your mum have such an influence on you, my Mum always used this same brand custard powder and I have carried on the family tradition.

A car-boot find for all you china addicts out there, these dessert bowls are Staffordshire Tableware 'Autumn Fayre'.

Bird's is the original custard brand, established in 1837 and loved by generations ever since. Bird's Custard is made and served in millions of homes where proper custard is at the heart of a good pud!


Fuchsia Girl said...

Oh yea - Birds Custard! Yummy and soooo easy in the microwave.

It's 3-2 now; I'm trying hard to ignore the score line and to ignore John who is trying hard not to look too happy especially as Scotland got knocked out on Saturday!

Nicola said...

My mum made those lovely steamed puddings with golden syrup in the bottom of the bowl. Turn them onto the plate and you get that sweet syrup all over it, add some Birds custard and dive in!

I think I have her recipe for the pudding but I'd have to adapt it to a vegan one if I was going to make it. I would probably use maple syrup (as I'm in Canada now) and make my own custard from soymilk.

We're having apple crumble tonight with Rice Dream ice cream - we're celebrating 13 years in Canada!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Birds Custard featured large in my childhood.. I loved it with bananas and my son loves it too.
My mother being a bit of a whizzo cook.. made confectioners custard with vanilla that was heavenly too but I am a devotee of the thick yellow Birds nectar!
... and of course where would Cowboys & Custard be without the stuff?!
P.s Pickles sends his loveXX

Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh I do love custard - cold in trifle & hot on puddings.

Magic Cochin said...

My Mum used to make me Bird's Custard Ice-cream lollies! Yummy! (pour custard into lolly moulds and freeze)


Cathy said...

When I used to trudge through the rain and sleet when I was a student I used to stop at the corner shop and buy sponge pudding and custard on my way home. It always revived me and is something I always think of when I am in need of comfort food! I love the idea of custard lollies (above) too.
Cathy XX

Katherines Dream said...

Just like you Mum used it and so do I ! it is only for special treats as we do not eat deserts that often.
Love sponge pudding as well, especially with treacle, yum!
My Mum used to make stuffed peaches with a set custard it may not sound that great but it really is gorgeous. I will dig out the recipe for you.

Bev and Ollie "O" said...

oooh banana and custard is the best comfort food!

On Belgium.... I agree, the Flemish Belgians are such lovely warm people, if you liked Brugge try Ghent too, wonderful place.

Gigibird said...

My father used to make the custard as my mother couldn't.
Banana custard was a speciality of his....

Joanna said...

My mum used to use birds eye custard and its very yummy. I did treat myself for tea the other night to a bowl of custard made with eggs and cream, that was nice too. I always remember when my brother was little and he volunteered to make the custard and he left out the sugar, that was not so nice


Thanks everyone for your comments on custard and different ways to use it, thank goodness it was invented, we all seem to like it.

cynt said...

I googled with staffordshire autumn fayre for replacements and bumped into your blog.
Nice to see how you used this lovely tableware in your pictures.

Since it is discontinued it's hard to find replacements for my mugs and bowls. So if you feel like selling it... please let me know or place it on ebay and I will react immediately. That is, if you're from UK and not USA.(too expensive postal rates to holland).

Like the music too.


Hi Cynt, fancy googling me, and finding me, that's amazing. I understand your predicament, this china is so easily broken, I have a chip on the bottom rim of a dessert bowl and don't know how I have done it! I do like my china, so don't want to sell, you very rarely see it, but if I do I shall let you know, a long shot I know. Good luck though for any finds you may have, up until now nothing on Ebay, but keep looking, you never know.