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I hope you like pigs as much as I do, my dad was a farmer, I was born on a farm in rural West Sussex and brought up surrounded by pigs of the real kind, hundreds of them, but then I grew up and I now have only three. The floral one at the back of the shot is of no particular note but I just liked him, the little black pig was from a carboot sale for 50p (does anyone know where he may have been made?) of which I could never sell as he is just too sweet, and last but not least my lovely pig made by Rye Pottery which I bought at Ardingly antiques fair, he was not so cheap but I think worth every penny!

What do you think of the tradition to smash a money bank which has no bung, to get the money out? It is customary after doing this to make a wish, replace the money bank and spend the money on 'good things'. I could never bring myself to smash up a good bit of china (although saying that I would in a Greek taverna!), but then again I wouldn't put the money in, in the first place.

If like me you like pigs, pop over to Sandi from The Nostalgia Fairy who has a prized possession of a pig, and if you like pigs of the real kind take a look in at Sara from Farming Friends, who has recently been posting photos of her new born British Saddleback piglets, they are so cute, I think you will agree?


Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Louise
I love your piggies and they remind me of a collection I had as a child.. small polka dot piggy banks.. I didn't smash them but I did use a knife to coax the money out..
I wonder what happened to them..
This little piggy is going to make supper now.
P.s Did you grow up near Midhurst? I went to West Dean College in the 1980's to do ceramic restoration.
Great place.

Michele said...

Hello Louise,

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I love the blog world and could spend hours traveling around the world, it is so interesting.
Thank you for sharing your family pictures they are very heartfelt. Lets see, as far as smashing the piggy bank, I had never heard of that. Maybe that idea never got to the U.S.
Love your blog and I'll be back.
Hugs~ Michele