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well, how did you do ...

Tell us all what you bought yesterday? Remember I told you about Buy Nothing Day a while back, how many of you forgot it was yesterday? I was very good and I just bought a chicken as we do need to eat!

After spending a few hours in Brighton making holiday plans, as we were a bit early for our train home, as it was handy I popped into M&S Simply Food at Brighton Station to pick up something for our this Sunday's roast, to be quite honest I don't often buy food in M&S, I am being contraversial here, but I do find it to be rather overrated, no offence intended to any M&S devotees out there.

I don't think their choice of advertising campaign helps, you know the one 'this is not just food, this is M&S food', I really cringe when I hear these adverts describing their products with the Dervla Kirwan voice over. For example, my chicken was an 'Oakham' one, well, was it bred in Oakham, where is Oakham, and which Oakham are they talking about, on investigation it doesn't come from Oakham at all, it is just a trademark!


Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Louise
You are not the only one who cringes at the M+S ads.
My beloved get incensed by the sugary tones.
I do love their food but rarely shop at M+S. We have a Waitrose which is fab.. not the cheapest but good quality and good organic range!
I did well not to buy anything yesterday.. after four hours in the garden I could hardly move let alone stagger to a shop!
I can't wait to hear about your grand tour...
P.s Does this mean no blog from you for a while?
What will we do without .. home is where the heart it..?

kate smudges said...

I wonder if I can find the M&S ads on the internet. They sound positively horrid. When I lived in Ottawa, there was a M&S just down the street at work, that we always called Marks & Sparks. I have no idea why. It only had a frozen food section and some biscuits etc. I would rather have M & S than Walmart. Talk about horrid adverts.

I haven't bought anything for the past two days. It's too cold to go out at all, so I've put off my shopping till today!

Jane said...

Hi Lousie,
Thanks for popping Megan on your blog - that was really kind of you.

I didn't buy anything yesterday,but I was so desperate for some chocolate I ended up raiding the kids' Selection boxes I had bought them for Christmas......which now means of course I have to go and buy some more! Failed miserably!

I used to live on M&S food before I moved up here (as a single working mum it was a godsend for me). I was useless at remembering to get something out of the freezer before going to work and so I relied on M&S almost everyday. Slam it in the oven and just add veg!

Since moving up to Mull I have had to learn to cook all over again - everything from scratch as there are no supermarkets, takeaways, fast food joints or M&S!!

Nicola said...

Well, I was downtown with my youngest son, we had a juice and a chai tea at a bookstore. We enjoyed looking at the books and magazines and calendars, but we didn't buy any of them! Got some inspiration for Solstice gifts, though.

OhSoVintage said...

Oh dear, I forgot. I bought some new shoes, a jumper and trousers (M & S) and lunch at Starbucks. But I promise I will take all the clothes back - does that count? Last time I was in the M & S on Brighton station I was so annoyed because you have to queue to pay across the doorway and everytime anyone came in (all the time) I had to move out of their way. They may make good food but can't design a shop properly!

Bev and Ollie "O" said...

I agree about M&S being overrated except the rasperry jellies, they are the best!

I was at Uni in Brighton when I did my teacher training, I miss the lovely lanes.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed looking at both your blogs! Thanks so much for visiting mine :O) Your holiday sounds exciting. I'll be back soon too. Gx

Louise said...

Well done to everyone, thanks for your comments.

Michele, I like Waitrose.
Kate, I don't think you can see the M&S adverts online.
Fuchsia Girl, I'm am always tempted if I buy selection packs too early.
Nicola, well done for resisting temptation.
Oh So Vintage, well what can I say, but I don't expect you to take your clothes back, I agree with you about the layout of the store.
Bev & Ollie 'O', yes the raspberry jelly is lovely, especially in the raspberry royale!