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my mum, my best friend ...

Today would have been my mum's 68th birthday, born in South London in November 1939, more or less at the start of WW2, she lived with her mother and her father's parents, her beloved Nan & Gamps in Surrey, although she did spend some of her early childhood staying in relative safety, one place being Wimborne in Dorset, as Surrey could at times be too close for comfort, one house at the end of her road was bombed to the ground! She only really started to get to know her father when he came home from service in the RAF in 1945.

She passed away through illness in 2002. I still find it hard to believe she isn't at the other end of the phone, running to the door to greet me at her home, or sitting in the chair she always sat in, and being force fed everytime I visited, sometimes ending up having two meals in a day!

Every year, my step-dad and I make the pilgrimage up to the crematorium taking with us a lovely arrangement of flowers, it is set in acres of beautiful Sussex countryside, where green woodpeckers, great tits and many other lovely birds and wildlife including deer can be seen. It is such a tranquil place and I would be quite happy to reside there when my time comes.

Mum was such a happy person, full of life and always put everyone else first with her love and generosity. As you can see from these photos above of her growing up in the 1950s she was a beautiful young, fashion concious girl, blessed with the figure of a model, of those genes I didn't inherit! Although I believe I have inherited many of her characteristics, when I talk, laugh and smile I can hear and see my mum in me, being gladfully reminded of her everyday.


Candytuft Corner said...

Hi Louise,

What a beautiful tribute to your Mum...you obviously miss her very much.

Marie x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Louise... I do so feel for you.. yes I am sure your beloved and beautiful Mum lives on in you in more ways than you know.
I can only echo your wonderful tribute to your Mum as I lost mine too in 2002 and you have so eloquently put into words just how I feel about my Mum.. there is not a day that passes without me thinking of her and wishing she was here to talk to ..
Hold the happy memories of your dear Mum close to your heart..

Bev and Ollie "O" said...

That was lovely to read. Your mum was really beautiful and very fashionable as you said.

Gigibird said...

What I remember about your mum was her sense of humour because whenever I spent any time in her company laughter was never far away.
And the other thing that sticks in my mind was how she always looked so well presented - never with out her make up.

Joanna said...

Happy birthday to your mum it sounds a wonderful place to be surrounded by countryside and birds. She looks wonderful in the photos

Nicola said...

What a moving post, Louise. My mum is alive and well, though living a long way away. I can understand how it would take a long time to adapt, and wouldn't be surprised if one day, when she's gone, I go to the phone with the thought of calling her and then realise that I can't.
I still sometimes visualise my grandparents in their Hampshire home, then remember that they are no longer alive and that their house, which holds so many happy childhood memories, has been sold.

Carol said...

Hi Louise that was a lovely post of your beautiful Mother.
I just cannot imagine how I am going to feel when my leaves us.
How lucky we are to have had such good mothers.
I cannot imagine how I am going to feel as my Mum's illness becomes much worse, I dread it and think about every day now.
I am pleased that you ended your post with a happy note though.
Hugs XX

~♥ Kim ♥~ said...

{{{HUGS}}} to you dear Louise! I know how you feel...I lost my own dear Mom back in 1990. What a lovely tribute to her you have shared with us.

Love, Kim

Threadspider said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet memories-its so good to have them even though she is not there.

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a lovely tribute to your dear mother.

kate smudges said...

No wonder you miss your mum! She was a joyful person - full of life and beauty.

Jane said...

Hi Louise, thank you for sharing your memories of your lovely mum with us. I know how you feel.

It will be a year on Thursday since my mum died and these past few days have been spent reflecting over the years that she was a mother to me and my brother and sister. Even though she isn't here, she hasn't stopped being my mum - I can hear her everyday when I say something to the kids! I say the same things and sound just like her.

Bless all mothers everywhere.

Louise said...

I think it is clear to see that we all love our mums very very much wherever they may be.