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chicken in chinese black pepper sauce ...

A few years back I discovered a great stir fry sauce, produced by the great Ken Hom, we loved it, and then Ken decided to take it off the shelves, then I discovered a similar sauce produced by Amoy, they decided to take it off the shelves too, so ever since we have been searching high and low for a replacement. Yesterday whilst strolling around Worthing we noticed a sign pointing us in the direction of a lovely oriental store down Bath Place and voila we found a jar, bought two! Tonight I am going to use it, so I hope we like it, if the meal tastes similar to the delicious sizzling platter version we have at our local sitdown Chinese restaurant, we are sure to love it.

Chicken in Chinese Black Pepper sauce for two people is really easy to do, infact you could use any oriental sauce. First I cut two large chicken breasts in Chinese takeaway size pieces, you know what I mean, then heat up a stirfry pan with a little oil until sizzling, then throw in the chicken and flash cook, then just throw in the sauce and stir around for a few seconds until the meat is coated, you can always add at this stage any stirfry vegetables you like, then I transfer it into a dish and place in the oven on a low heat to keep warm. After I have washed the stirfry pan up, I only have one, I make egg-fried rice, first heat up a little more oil and then add one large beaten egg and quickly stir around, then throw in enough rice for two, which I precook, and just stir through until piping hot. Don't forget to serve on hot plates, don't be fooled by the photo above, these chopsticks and oriental dish have been used for a little artistic licence, we use a spoon to eat ours!


Cowboys and Custard said...

I love this kind of food too..
I could so easily live on stir frys..teriyake sauce is yum too. I will look out for this sauce for you.
We are having chicken fajhitas tonight.. my son's favourite.
P.s I too had a best mate Stephanie.. we met when we were five years old and were reunited two years ago having not seen each other for 29 years!

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Sounds delish. I love stir fry too, so quick and simple to do.

Jane said...

Sounds yummy - our nearest Chinese is in Oban - 50 miles and 1 hour drive plus a 45 minute ferry ride away so Chinese is always a treat for us when we are on the mainland. I must try cooking Chinese at home - your receipe sounds like I could manage that. I'll let you know how I get on.

Carol said...

My favourite food too. Tonight I am cooking Thai Curry!