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lots of hornsea bunnies and an imposter ...

This is my collection of bunnies and one imposter, can you spot him? All came from either an antiques fair or fleamarket. I have had these as part of my vast collection of all things vintage for many years now. They were made by Hornsea Pottery and from their red clay range, and were produced in the 1950s, I love them but not many can, as today they sell for very little money, which always surprises me. You may have had a glazed example very similar to one of these which were very popular in the 1960s/70s, I had one, but like a lot of my childhood things I threw away when I left home at the age of 21 to set up my own home, at the time I wasn't interested in taking this sort of thing with me.

Sadly a few years back Hornsea Pottery fell into the hands of the liquidators, so yet another pottery closes its doors for good. I am not particularly a big fan of the work of Hornsea, but I do love these bunnies, not just for Easter but for life!


Cowboys and Custard said...

You know I have a bunny fixation and these are delightful! I am not sure when this obsession of mine really started but it must have been due to a bump on the head.. these little chaps and chapesses make a lovely collection..
Yes a bunny is forever!

Carol said...

I love the Bunnies too.
They made me think of Watershipdowm!
I read on Google somewhere yesterday that TG Green are going into recievership soon, have you heard this?

Lesley Todd said...

They are sooo sweet! I think my mum had something similar with a squirrel on it. I wonder if that was made by the same pottery.

I have heard that TG Green were in trouble too but how can that be when it's so popular?!! Very sad.

Joanna said...

They are lovely bunnies. Thankyou for all your lovely comments on my blog. I put the hopplesham and captan rupert picture on for you so you could see they are get on great. Captain Rupert and I have introduced K to the merits of carrot cake by tweeking the recipe and the icing is yummy. Glad the cards are useful.