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just like mum used to make five ...

This is beef cobbler, a simple dish which would have been very popular when my mum was cooking for us kids back in the 1970s. Just make your usual beef mince for the base and top with homemade scones, although I made the cheat's version for this evening and used Aunt Bessie's dumplings from the freezer cabinet, this is delicious with good old mash. I love all sorts of vegetables but J is just a peas, sweetcorn, carrots and french beans el dente man, you may have been wondering why my meals are never served with anything more adventurous, well this is the reason why!

I really appreciate good photography of food, since taking photos for my blog, I have come to realise how tricky it is to take a good picture of anything edible, I usually give J his meal to be getting on with, as by the time I have taken a half a dozen photos to get a half decent one, the food is half cold!

The plate my old cobbler is served on is 'Alfama', which was a pattern made exclusively for Tiffany & Co by Poole Pottery, I just have a set of six dinner plates originally acquired by my mum and stepdad who often used to make trips to the Poole Pottery factory shop, bringing back lots of useful china. Mum always knew she had to give me first refusal on some of the pieces, and of course many I purchased at cost price, my mum was too generous, she would have never of made her millions!


The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Louise,
That meal looks really appetising, especially as the weather is so awful at the moment, good comfort food is just what we need. You are right about the rose petals,I bought mine from Sainsburys last week along with the pretty blue and white swirls on the fairy cakes I posted.
Take care,
Sandi x

Jane said...

Mmm that so reminds me of the mince cobbler my mum used to make. She must have been brought up in the same cookery school as your mum - was it Mrs Beaton or was it the BeRo school of cookery?

Nothing wrong with a meat & potato & 2 veg man! They are easy to please and simple to look after. Just what a busy woman needs :-)

Bev and Ollie "O" said...

I love all casseroles! Especially if they come with dumplings!!!! yummy! this looks so good!