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This afternoon I grabbed everything I could find spotty around the place, what is it about me with spots and stripes? My lovely tall jug, a quite recent win on ebay for under £15, the little pot possibly part of a cruet set bought at Ardingly for 50p, the yellow egg plate with only two cups (tall order, but no-one out there has the other two have they?) I also bought on ebay, the eggs on legs, which incidentially I don't think is a genuine Carltonware as the pattern on the socks is wrong I bought at a trash and treasure sale, fido and the smaller jug I have had for a long time and can't think where on earth I bought them from. These are little treasures I am going to keep forever. I would love to buy and sell, but would be useless, as I am such a hoarder and get so attached to anything that falls into my possession.


Carol said...

I have the same problem, see my latest post!!!!I buy to give away and end up keeping it!
I love all of your spots, funny as last night I saw 2 egg cups the same I think? as your ones on EBay, I didn't bid, but now I feel I want too as yours look so lovely togther.
Have a great evening.

kate said...

Your spotty things are very pretty. I like the egg on legs and the yellow egg plate ... although I love all things spotty and dotty!!

Jane said...

fido is adorable. I thought he was a mouse at first - maybe a spotty dotty cousin of Jerry's!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Spotty things are addictive... I remember a bathing costume I had as a wee child that was polka dot red and white.. loved dotty things then and went on to love dotty things and become dotty too!
Is the blue dotty pottery Devon Ware?
I know what you mean about becoming attached to things but just ocassionally I have a purge and sell everything (almost ) and start again.
P.s Thank you so much for your lovely supportive comment.. so appreciated.

Lesley Todd said...

Little treasures, there's something so nice about finding something second hand that makes it even harder to give away/sell. I can't do it either! I've started collecting bits of cornishware. :-)

Louise said...

Just popped in to say hi to another 43 yr old Louise! And who doesn't love a good spot!?!

Celia Hart said...

Hey Louise - I'm tagging you to list your eight happy thoughts! please visit my blog for the rules http://purplepoddedpeas.blogspot.com/2007/11/eight-happy-thoughts-meme.html

but don't feel pressured to take part - your blog is a treasure-trove of happy thoughts already!


Joanna said...

I love spots, you might be able to tell from the paintings. I waited to take a picture of the new kitchen table until I had brought the new spoty table cloth. Parting with things is hard.

~♥ Kim ♥~ said...

Love your spots...that little dog is too sweet!

Country Cottage Chic said...

ooh! The dotty things are so pretty! I have a spotty teaset which is gorgeous too.