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hamish the merrythought bear ...

Hamish is a growler bear, I asked him to model this for me, he was feeling quite 'manly' until I stuck this on his head. I mentioned two treats in my previous post well this is the second, a lovely 'blue domino' shower cap, from Sainsburys.

my photo

The photo above is for Fuchsia Girl who lives on the beautiful Isle of Mull, 'wish I was there'. Hamish has got tartan pads and paws, he is a true Scottish bear at heart, even though he was born and bred in Shropshire!


Joanna said...

He is a lovely bear and looks great wearing your lovely new shower cap

Fuchsia Girl said...

Poor Hamish - he will now be a very confused bear! Try him with a Tam O'Shanter hat and see if his self esteem improves at all!

Fuchsia Girl said...

Hello Hamish, what beautiful paws you have...............so pleased I won't have to report Louise to the RSPCA after all. You just need a wee kilt now and you'll be a fine and dandy bear. Keep on growling Hamish xx