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mini pavlova ...

I just wanted to show off the redcurrants picked from my garden, frozen and sweetened with icing sugar, served on a meringue nest filled with extra thick cream, scrummy!


Joanna said...

That looks yummy, I was wondering what to do with the redcurrents that have been sitting in my freezer for ages and I have been dying to make meranges in the rayburn.

Cowboys & Custard said...

I am licking the screen but alas can't taste them!
Soooooo scrummy!

the flour loft said...

wish you were my neighbour Louise.. i would be popping round all the time.
x ginny
p.s.thanks for comments.. love it when you say hi but no need to apologise. Have a lovely evening.. I'm off to watch flight of the conchords..

Katherines Dream said...

Yummy,I could eat one right now as I have just finished dinner....unfortunately the diet says 'No'

primrozie said...

Oh Louise! Too delicious looking. Now I'm hungry for something really good and sweet!!! I do have some frozen raspberries.....somehow doesn't measure up though.

Alchamillamolly said...

Louise I am trying to have my boring dinner here in my lunch break!! I did not need to see that yummy, scrummy pud!! I work on a local produce website and for the last few weeks have spent all day writing and gathering photos about food! There will be a Freecycle group in your area - it just means someone will take something off you that they need or can us and it hasnt gone to landfill. I wish it had been around several years when we had 18 months of unemployment. Its a brillliant idea

OhSoVintage said...

That looks so DELICIOUS!!!!

thevintagemagpie said...

Hi Louise,

I have just popped over from the lovely Michele's blog at Cowboys & Custard. What gorgeous photos you have on your blog, those redcurrants are making my mouth water! I shall be back to read more after Ive hit the fridge!

Nicky x