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christmas comes just once a year ...

But a thorough clean doesn't. Before putting my tree up every year I have a Christmas clean, most people may just have one in the springtime. To be quite honest our home always looks respectable, I just hate to be caught out if a visitor turns up out of the blue. I know housework can become obsessional, although when you had a mum who would be vacuuming around your bed at the crack of dawn, it's no wonder you turn out the same! Anyway before the tree goes up I can go through the ritual of just thoroughly cleaning those places that get ignored at other times of the year, like vacuuming around the skirting boards and under the settee, running the feather duster along the curtain rails etc. I really do feel so much better for doing this, and once I have been through the pleasure of putting up and decorating the tree, I can then just stand back and admire!


Gina said...

Your tree looks fantastic ~ gorgeous decorations ~ the little gingerbread men are adorable. BEAUTIFUL! Gx

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Louise
I have always been accused of being a neurotic housewife.. cleaning is my consuming neurosis.
Even Pickles is in danger of getting hoovered some days!
Your tree looks wonderful and spotless!!!
In answer to your questions..
Yes I did get our tree yesterday... it was great fun.. I love the whole ritual of finding a tree, putting it up and decorating it.
We got a nordic (?) pine that supposedly doesn't shed needles ... Pickle once again.. proved this wrong by coming out from underneath the tree covered!
So far so good.. he hasn't tried to climb the tree and has shown little interest in dismantling it.
Hope you have a lovely relaxing Sunday xx

Wild Rose said...

Hi Louise,

I had a thorough clean at home last week, but it ended up being after we got the tree! Still, it was a nice feeling to sit back and see how clean everything looked, even if I was the only one who noticed!

Marie x