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posting dates for christmas ...

I have all my Christmas cards written, sealed, addressed and stamped ready for the off. Honestly how long does it take?

In case you need a gentle nudge, here are the postal deadlines for Christmas.

International Airmail
Friday 7th December: South and Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (except Japan), Australia, New Zealand.

Monday 10th December: USA, Canada, Japan, Eastern Europe.
Thursday 13th December: Western Europe.

Last UK post dates
Wednesday 14th December: Standard parcels.

Monday 17th December: Second class.
Thursday 20th December: First class.
Friday 21st December: Special delivery.

The cards above shows 'Post Early for Christmas' posters from the 1940s and 50s. If you love nostalgia of any kind click on The British Postal Museum and Archive, to go back in time to see more posting advertisements drawn in this iconic style of the period, they are great, and you can buy them too, just as prints or framed.


Carol said...

Hi Louise thank you that is very useful information.
Carol x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Louise
I don't know... I turn my back for 5 minutes and have 3 posts to catch up on!
Lovely lovely lovely to see King Wenceslas again.. that is such a powerful nostalgic nudge for me and reminds me so much of my Christmas when I was 8 years old (ouch!).
Thank you ... lovely to see these old stamps again.
P.s Pickles ate the tuna sandwhich on the way to see me!

Nicola said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. Yes we have snow. Quite a lot - about three snowfalls in six days - so there's been some snow shovelling going on here! Thanks for the poll info - I shall consider using that soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder haven't even started mine yet, in fact although I know I have bought the cards I'm not even sure where I have put them. Oh dear must be more organized.

Jane said...

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it December already? My oh my must get organised :-)

Becca said...

I really needed this information - thank you so much. I was busy packaging Christmas gifts just last night for my UK kids ... now I will get them to the post office asap to make sure they arrive in time. I love the link to the British Postal Museum. Thank you for that and for visiting and commenting on my blog. I hope it is okay to add you to my blog roll ... I will visit here often.

Threadspider said...

Thank you for nudging me gently in the right direction! I must get on and send those overseas cards this week.
In answer to your comment on my blog-I am afraid I can't help with the carrier bags- I "borrowed" the image from a website in the US and I don't think they sell those carrier bags here.

Lesley Todd said...

Hi Louise, thanks for that. I was starting to panic a bit about the deadlines but now I know when they are I feel a bit calmer! I just love the style of those old cards. Gorgeous!

Alchamillamolly said...

Thanks for the reminder - do you know I could have sworn I put you on my blog links but you werent there?? You are now!!

Bev and Ollie "O" said...

I have not even bought a single pressie or made my cards yet! ( I have been a bit poorly so thats my excuse! hehe my hubbie jokes that I can't use mt "Crohn's" card to get out of everything!) worth a try........x

ps what you said about the choc crispy snacks, I ate too many and now I feel sick!

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, this is scary information...I haven't even got any cards yet...how bad is that!
Margaret and Noreen

TheVintageMagpie said...

There's nothing wrong with a little nudge now and again! Mine are bought, written, stamped but awaiting the yearly children's christmas photo! This is what holds me back every year, til I'm scampering off to the post office at the last minute. There's never enough ink in the printer! Love these postal prints.. I'm off to check them out x

Sandra Evertson said...

Ahh, I'm running late with mine!
Happy Holidays!
Sandra Evertson

ginny said...

Hi Louise,
Wow you are organised.
My youngest ( 7yr old) has started writing hers but the rest of us still need to. I love the cards in the picture. Thanks for the 'nudge'.

Ragged Roses said...

Thanks I needed a nudge! I might just delay writing the cards though to check out that website, those prints are lovely
Kim x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Louise
Hope all is well with you..??
You haven't succumbed to the dreaded lurgy have you. Just a hunch..
Hope that I am wrong.