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Since I started a blog (or two) a few month's back, I have become to realise how many friendly people there are out there, blogging shows no divide. Thanks everyone for all your interesting and at times heartwarming comments, I really appreciate and enjoy reading each one of them, every day. What a fun pastime it is, and I would recommend it to anyone, a great opportunity for sharing your favourite things with everyone and great for everyone to share theirs with you, rather like a virtual Womens' Institute!

I have been thinking of doing the odd update, some of my posts have been sparking some debate, and also doing this would give me the opportunity to share interesting comments with you, or to answer the occasional question which I may get. I am going to tag this on to the end of the post in different colour italic text, take a quick look if you can?

A couple of things concern me. Every now and again I put a link to blogs of interest in my posts, if anyone feels unhappy about this, please let me know, and I will take it off. The last thing I want to do is to cause unnecessary stress to anyone!

And another thing, if I give you an award please don't feel any obligation to pass it on, but please accept it in good faith, and if I ask any questions of you and you feel unhappy answering them, the same applies.

Keep those comments coming, and don't forget please vote on my polls, your vote counts ...

A message for Captain Rupert, as I said blogging shows no divide, boy bunny comments are most welcome! Nonnie, this is a Cornishware clock, I love it, my mum brought it back from a visit to the T G Green factory shop in Derbyshire, unfortunately for some reason it has stopped working, not because of the battery, I hope to get a new unit fitted sometime, I really would like to see it working again.


Anonymous said...

Hello Louise, I hope you will keep posting links and writing your interesting entries and visiting and having a great time!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Louise I can only say ditto ditto ditto to your remarks about the friendliness of fellow bloggers..
I can't imagine you could ever offend .. it is not in your nature!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Keep writing your post just as you always have done...it why we read them.
Suzie Sews

Nonnie said...

Is that a Cornishware clock I spy? Very envious of that. I love your description of the lovely blogging World as being like a virtual Womens Institute. I think that is a perfect way to describe it. I love being a part of it.

Chelle said...

I remember I used to wonder why anyone would want to blog and what the point was. I kind of got thrown into mine, and now I absolutely love it. I end up trying to post something new every day. Its totally addicting!

The best part is how you get the chance to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. It really helps you expand your horizons and make some great friends.

I enjoy meeting new people and getting to learn about them. It just takes you out of your own life on the droll days and sometimes brings a smile to your face.

I look forward to reading your blog and am excited I came across it.

Joanna said...

I have met such lovely people through blogs, I like your discription of a virtual womens institute, thats nice, although captain rupert hopes he will be let in. We will put captain ruperts award on our blog soon, he has some thank yous to say.

closed account said...

I for one have never been offended by anything on any of the bloggs, so not a problem for me, how thoughtfull fo you even commenting on the subject you have a very warm and friendly heart , I think we can all see that, you could not offend anyone..
Kath xx