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For all of us who live in the South of England we may be in for a let up from the rain over the next few days, let's hope for some dry, clear days with blue skies. These miserable, grey, cloudy days can really start to get you down. Many of you have had really debilating bugs too, so I hope you all feel better soon.

Gina from Gingerbread was interested in seeing my twig lights lit up, so here they are in their full glory!

Since writing this post we have had two lovely days, clear skies, sunny but frosty cold. I love days like this.


She Who Digs said...

Hello Louise, I've put a link from my site you yours. My recent post will explain my lack of blog and plot activity, so apologies for taking so long to respond to you! SWD

Cowboys and Custard said...

A little sunshine goes a long long way to lift the bleak midwinter blues.. today I felt so bouncy again and had a lovely sprightly walk ... I may even consider some gardening this week if it stays dry.. steady on girl!
Louise your comments are always enjoyed so much and are most welcome... thank you!

Cowboys and Custard said...

No Louise.. my tree isn't up yet... traditionally we put it up a week before Christmas but I have earmarked (?) a tree at our local Christmas Tree Emporium and look forward to dragging it home this Saturday..
Are you going to share your tree with us?

Gina said...

Thanks Louise! ~ Your 'twigs' look stunning! Wishing you some sunny days to come! Gx

Chelle said...

That is a really cool picture. Its very soothing and serene.

The rain and gray skies do get old after a while. We've had our fair share where I live too. We're finally having a nice sunny day outside here, but I'm stuck inside working like a schmoe until the sun goes down.

I hope your skies clear up soon and you are able to enjoy a bit of sun. :)

Joanna said...

Less rain would be soo good. I have had a rotten cold, feeling a little better. I can't believe how wet it has been the rain even comes in the letter box

Lesley Todd said...

Yay!! The sun is out here right now!! It does lift your spirits doesn't it! Your twigs look very pretty too.