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A short while ago
whilst clearing out his loft, my Dad unearthed some boxes containing little girl items from my childhood days, needless to say after having been up there for what must be over 30 years everything was somewhat grubby. Luckily these two dolls and their outfits have survived relatively well considering many years of neglect, along with this pair came some extra outfits, some of which survived a cycle in the wash, some didn’t make it, and numerous accessories.

Some interesting facts I discovered about Pippa on the internet:
She had an oval face with painted eyes and eyebrows. The thick eyelashes were made durable by two or three painted strokes. However, the well-detailed ears of the doll were located a little higher than those of normal humans. The nose of the doll was slightly upturned. All Pippa dolls wore pink lipstick, except for Mandy who had a peach-coloured lipstick. Most of the Pippa dolls had waist–length, straight and silky hair. The colour of the hair ranged from blonde to black. This doll had flexible joints on all her limbs. Her hands had other intricate detailing lines such as the love line, the life line and finger nails. Besides, her palms faced down. Her toes had no details.

Do you remember Pippa?


Stella said...

You have beaten me to it! We are, once again, decorating L's room and came acros the box of Pippa's, I thought I might blog them as I love their outfits:)

Heather said...

I don't really remember Pippa, is she a UK thing? I'm Canadian and we mostly had Barbie and Skipper but one of the friends that I blog with is from Jersey and I know she talks about having Pippa. Interesting that she would have the same name no matter what her hair colour.

Nicola said...

I used to have Pippa and my sister had Britt, same size but with white blond hair.

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Louise
I have just got round to reading your earlier posts.. better late than never!
Yes I do remember Pippa.. and Patch, Sindy's little tom boy sister..
I loved my dolls and thought I would never grow out of them but luckily I have... moved on to other things.. cornishware for one!