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durrell on jersey ...

We hope that you will be grateful for having been born into such a magical world. Gerald Durrell 1925-1995

In 1959 Gerald Durrell set up Jersey Zoo (now known as Durrell) at Les Augres Manor in Trinity. Durrell breeds rare animals from all corners of the globe in captivity with the aim of releasing them back into the wild, they also fight hard to preserve the creatures’ natural habitat. Durrell also runs a number of projects that aim to preserve the local environment and wildlife with considerable success.

I really enjoyed visiting Durrell on our recent trip to Jersey, I had previously visited when it was still known as Jersey Zoo on a school trip back in 1977 at the age of 12, a lot of changes must have taken place since then. I especially wanted to visit the Gorilla and Orangutan habitat, I have always had a fascination with apes.

Me in 1977 aged 12 (note the Radio 1 247 teeshirt bought from the Roadshow)

The Gorilla

my photos

The baby Sumatran Orangutan

We had lunch in the very inviting Dodo restaurant, we were sensible and had soup and roll, but there were other hot and cold foods, and of course lovely tempting cakes and cookies to be had. If you ever have a trip over to Jersey I can recommend Durrell for adults and kids alike, we easily spent a morning there but you could spend the whole day.


threadspider said...

I love Gerald Durrell. I remember that !My Family and Other Animals" was on the O level list when I was doing Eng. Lit. We didn't study it at my school but I hated the book we were set and answered the questions on the Durrell book instead on my paper. I got an A!

Stella said...

Love the photo of you aged 12. Where does the time go?

Nicola said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. I am from Jersey and grew up around the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust (as it used to be known), even volunteering there as a guide and helper in the reptile house!
Looking forward to reading more of your blog.