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seven things about me ...

Nicola from Four Friends and a Blog has tagged me to find out seven things about me, so here goes :)

I hate ironing.
My first car was a Mini.
I was born, and spent my childhood years on a farm.
My shoe size is a six.
I love the smell of almonds.
I love Mr Whippy ice-cream.
I hate the skin on a rice pudding.

I'd like to pass this tag on to Joanna from Higglety Pigglety

Sara from Farming Friends has tagged me for a Funny, Random and Weird fact :)

Funny - I remember as a kid once having a boil on my bottom cheek, ouch!

Random - when my mum was expecting me, she had cravings for lobster, piccalilly and Tizer, I dislike them all, yuk!

Weird - a short time after meeting J I was amazed to discover that his date of birth was my home telephone number at the time, spooky!

I'd like to know a funny, random and weird fact from Michele at Cowboys & Custard


Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Louise
well the last four apply to me too!
Even more proof that we are twins!
Bring out those bunnies! I look forward to seeing them.. I love Sylvac rabbits...must get one for my collection one day..

Nicola said...

Ironing? What's that? Since I stopped quilting, my iron is barely touched!
I had a Mini too - learned to drive in one. They were perfect for driving around a little island with narrow roads. I look at the souped-up Mini Coopers now and would love to have one, just for old times' sake!
Mr Whippy - yeah, that brings back memories. Family drives down to the blustery beach on the west coast, sitting in the car eating a cone with that creamy ice cream on top and a Cadbury's flake pushed into it. Those were the days, eh!

Carol said...

I hate ironing....
My first car was a mini....
I would have love to have been brought up on a farm......
Shoe size 5......
Love the small of marzipan..same thing really...
Adore Mr Whippy......with a flake in........
I HAVE to be the one to eat the skin on the rice pudding!!!!!xx

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't hate ironing!