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smoked haddock from the smokery on dungeness beach ...

Smoking or curing is a centuries old method used to preserve food, but sadly this art is dying and there is only a few that remain with the skill and dedication, one of which is Jim Moate.

The fish gets its distinctive flavour and natural colour from using Oak dust, the fish is smoked either hot or cold. Jim never uses dyes, dips or preservatives, most supermarket smoked fish would have these added.

There has been a Smoke Hole, or Herring Hang, at The Smokery on Dungeness beach, for almost 200 years, the fisherman who lived here used it to preserve their catch.

Jim Moate has been smoking fish for many decades now, he learnt the art during his years as a fisherman living and working at Dungeness, by talking to other fisherman and from using recipes found on the old site at Pearl Cottage.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually not very fond of fish, smoked haddock with a poached egg or kegeree being the exception. How wonderful to actually be able to get the real thing rather han something that is dyed.

Anonymous said...

oooh ... I haven't had a good piece of haddock in absolute ages!! I'm not a huge fan of fish but I do like my haddock. Have a great weekend! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Carol said...

I love smoked haddock.