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Me in 1965, in colour!

My mum, my brother and me

My brother in 1963, in black and white!

two babies, one pram ...

Silver Cross is Britain’s oldest and most prestigious pram maker, the Yorkshire based company has been hand making prams since 1877. Silver Cross has been dubbed the Bentley for Babies, two famous occupants being Prince William and Prince Harry.

Pop over to Joanna at Higglety Pigglety to read her memories and to see her lovely painting of a Silver Cross pram. Seeing this gave me an idea for a post, and after searching through my photos I have found these three above, one of my brother and one of me, looking very comfortable in our lovely pram.

I had a toy version too back in the 1960s which was home for my dolls, I remember two of them, Chatty Kathy and Tippy Tumbles, did you have either of these dolls?


Cowboys and Custard said...

Yes Louise
We have a lot in common.. the same type of pram for instance..I had a beautiful grey pram that I took on long walks with my mum ...and Chatty Kathy. I have a very early memory of lying in my pram and it had a white tassle fringe around the hood and a little woolly lamb toy hanging from the hood.. strange but true!
Maybe we were twins in another life!

Alchamillamolly said...

Hellooooo - love your pics - I too had a little Silver Cross Pram - but I didnt have a Chatty Kathy - how I yearned for one. I still have my baby doll Jennifer and my best doll Belinda. My Belinda doll is still dressed in an outfit that was made to match mine when I went to a theatre in Bradford I think to do a ballet dance called the lullaby - it was to try and encourage ballet into schools. I had a white dress on with a pink sash and I held the doll through the dance. I can still smell that new doll smell on her - I never played with her because she was so special. I played with Jennifer my baby doll.

Joanna said...

I love the pram and you and your bother look lovely in it. I really love old prams, there is something so nice and comforting about them, its ashame most moddern houses don't have room for them and they are so hard to get in the car. I missed out my memory or more correctly my mums, of her slipping on some ice and me falling out! I don't think it has had any lasting effect

ginny said...

Hi Louise,
What great photos and great prams.. i love the rocker bit.. very comfortable for baby i suspect.
Happy Belated Birthday too...hope you had a good one.

Gigibird said...

Apparently I had Leslie Crowther's twins pram.....when I was a baby.
it's funny but everyone our sort of age looks the same....hand knitted baby clothes sitting in a very large pram....

Celia Hart said...

As soon as I saw the first photo I knew - it's my pram too!!! It's my earliest memory - the sensation of riding in the pram one mile from my Gran's back home. The well in the bottom was usually filled with freshly dug potatoes and carrots from Gran's garden - and the smell of veg and soil filled the pram! Our tabby cat, Prudence, met us to ride the last few hundred yards with me in the pram. Purry cat, carrots, damp soily potatoes, Nivea cream smeared all over my face - so I didn't get chapped by the frosty fen blow!

See what a glimpse of a Silver Cross does to a 60's babe!!!!

Celia :)

Carol said...

Hi Louise,
Those are great photos.
I had a pram just like it, I must dig a photo out.
Thank you sharing them with us.

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

I remember receiving a Chatty Kathy doll for Christmas probably around 1964. I got a brunette doll and my older sister got a blonde, to match our own hair. We were absolutely thrilled. I don't know what happened to her, but I do still have my baby doll Elizabeth Ann. She even has her little red velvet outfit that I used to dress my cat in. Thanks for the memories!