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Oh, I wish I'd looked after me teeth ...

I'm feeling just a tad worn down with this tooth of mine.

Just to say it's been an ongoing saga, which has so far lasted months 'n months 'n months.

... oh, I wish I'd looked after me teeth!

Anyway I'm now on antibiotics, so they just better do the trick?

For now anyway.

I'm not thick skinned, and was sad to notice I lost a follower today.


Crocodile, as seen a few years back on our maiden voyage to Australia.

Don't forget remaining followers - you're more than welcome to join in with the book giveaway on my garden blog.

The more entries there are, the more fun I will have picking out a winner!


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exclamation ...

I've developed excrutiating toothache! It's in the tooth I'm in the middle of having root treatment on.

My next appointment is in five weeks time ...s
he's on holiday!

I'm very tempted to yank the tooth out myself!

Thank goodness for Ibuprofen ... I
t's the only cure I got.

One 400mg tablet gives me adequate relief for 6 hours.
Thank you Stewart Adams.

Can you believe this man never saw an extra penny for this breakthrough cure!

Edited to add:

Thanks everyone for your compassion and advice. Juggling around work hours, I've managed to get an appointment for this Thursday afternoon.

Since writing this post, I am now getting spammed with adverts for new dentures!


... blue sky and a much anticipated day outside in the garden.

Have a great weekend!


... everyone loves a GIVEAWAY!

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another baking day ...

As rain has mainly stopped play outside today, I've been doing a spot of baking.

Sticky Lemon and Lime Cake

equal 5oz amounts of soft margarine or butter, caster sugar and SR flour
3 eggs
half a teaspoon of baking powder and 2oz ground almonds
zest and juice from one lemon and one lime

This is a recipe for cupcakes, but works equally well as one big single cake, baked in a 16.5 cm fluted cake tin liner.

Using proper eggs, from proper hens, bought from a proper stall along the roadside.

I really like how they are all different shades, and of a good size too.

I can't get over the size of some supermarket eggs these days - even the Size 1s seem small to me?

I do like citrus fruits.

In fact I sometimes find myself buying them when I really don't need them?

Anyway, these two came from a large bag of mixed lemons and limes from Sainsburys for just £2.00, which I thought was a bit of a bargain.

It is, if you don't end up throwing them away!

The zest needs to go in the cake mix ...

and the juice needs to be heated with 2oz caster sugar until syrupy, for the drizzle.

I do like quick and easy, not always having the time to faff with complicated recipes ...

and good time management leaves more time to scrape the whisk, and lick the bowl!


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just the day for ducks ...

Today is the last day of the RHS Flower Show at Hampton Court Palace.

I went up on Thursday, which is traditionally the opening day for the general public ...

and for ducks!

An Alice in Wonderland theme was running through the Floral Marquee.

Not that you could get to see the exhibits, with the world and his wife plodding through taking shelter from the rain.

Only ducks and Mad Hatters would have been happy to frolic in such a deluge ...

and geese!

This curvy looking bench caught my eye ...

as did these stained-glass panels.

How about this wonderful creeping Thyme paving ...

and this highly desirable residence for bugs!

With an idea for a three-tiered garden ...

and what to do with an abandoned shopping trolley!

The show is filled with so many wonderful ideas, and like what to buy?

I went with a modest shopping list, with the intention of buying varieties of Lavender and Mint.

No garlic!

I've learned the lesson from previous years not to buy anything too big or heavy, as pretty much impossible to cart back on a busy London Train.

... so what did I end up buying?

Two sun-loving varieties of Lavender (Kew Red and Whero Ito), and two shade-loving varieties of Mint (Ginger and Chocolate).

I'd say that was a day well spent, wouldn't you?