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a blog award ...

The photo above is completely irrelevent to this post. Besides it's a colourful one!

All my blog posts come with a photo. I will put off posting my thoughts until I have one.

Quirky I know!

Anyhow, Kathy from Postcards from the PP has given me an award. A Blog with Substance!

Thanks Kathy.

What I have to do is sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words.

They are:

Heartening - Loyal - Moving - Thoughtful - Inadequate

Maybe you have five words you can share?



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a Bouquet of Barbed Wire ...

These days I have to be a bit picky with what I watch on TV.

Usually I will record something, or catch up later with it on Player, when I have time off work during the day.

No good trying to watch it in the evening, the TV in our place is dominated with constant channel hopping, between Sky Sports and the music channels!

At the moment my fix is the ITV remake of a Bouquet of Barbed Wire, and it takes something worth watching to get me to sit down for more than five minutes at a time!

I'm really enjoying this drama, and Trevor Eve like in everything else he does, is just brilliant. I'm liking Tom Riley too.

I just hope, as in so many other dramas, this one doesn't have a weak ending?

Edited to add - Oh my god Peter ends his life, free-falling from a hot-air balloon!

Like many a child of the seventies, I remember the original series only by name, and of course Susan Penhaligon was all the rage back then.

Don't you think Frank Finley looks pretty scary in this intro!



photo - motoGP official website

Aragon ...

Casey Stoner top, and Nicky Hayden third on podium.


I'm still recovering from the 'lil backyard move Nicky Hayden made on Jorge Lorenzo on the last lap!

A great day for Ducati!



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sea and boulders in high contrast ...

I came across this quote, and thought it would sit nicely alongside this photo, taken on Lancing beach this summer.

The loneliness you get by the sea is personal and alive - it doesn't subdue you and make you feel abject - it's stimulating loneliness: Anna Morrow Lindbergh.

Can you imagine yourself sitting alone on this rock?

When the tide is on its way out, of course!



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happy swap ...

A month or so back I joined in with a Happy Swap over at Lisa's blog Periwinkle.

Remembering feeling at a real low ebb at the time, I thought it would help cheer me up, and it did.

With the help of Milo and Gabe, her two boys, I was paired with Jackie from Button Tree Crafts.

This is what Jackie sent me, all beautifully wrapped in pink/silver butterfly paper.

~ a pretty CK regal rose facecloth, which shall be put aside for my next trip/holiday;

~ The Gardener's Palette, a lovely book with lots of ideas, and photos of colourful plant combinations to drool over;

~ and a toast stamp, which comes with a handy hint not to put in the toaster!

Ooh, and a big bar of Galaxy which due to circumstances well out of my control, was unable to make it to the photo shoot!