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seed swap ...

A month or so back I posted off some Sweet Pea seeds to my good blog friend Simone at Linden Grove, and in return she kindly forwarded on some seeds to me.

The seeds are a rare variety of climbing French Bean, from North America

... Cherokee Trail of Tears.

Each sown in individual cells, I waited - and with patience rewarded, they are now romping away very nicely.

I'm going to use twiggy Hazel poles as supports.

Thanks Simone


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photo scavenger hunt ...

How on earth has another month passed me by?

I never quite made it with April's Photo Scavenger Hunt, infact you could say I failed miserably.

I did have something to do with Shakespeare (a 1st class stamp celebrating 50 years of the RSC), and an idea for an interesting shopname lined up.

A local sandwich shop called Big Baps!

Now I've made a good job of lowering the tone, I shall leave you with the list for May:
a butterfly
a bicycle
a red door
a cartoon character
an emergency vehicle
think vintage!
something blue
a street light
a sign of the zodiac
an interesting local building
a portrait in black and white

I must try harder this month!


Willliam and Kate ...


It's important to me that we protect our heritage for future generations.