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can you believe ...

Since I had this blog, I notice heart shapes everywhere!


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the downs link stages 4 and 3 ...

henfield - partridge green - west grinstead - southwater - christs hospital - slinfold - rudgwick

The beautiful, but very inquisitive horse in the foreground came over to the path to see us. The three of us spent a few minutes together before we continued cycling on our way. Not the horse I must add!

An excerpt from Ghosts of Railways Past -

'West Grinstead was always a pretty station made rather quaint by the banks on either side. It was lit by paraffin Tilley lamps. It had an interesting goods yard with a cattle loading bay and facilities for handling horse boxes. With the hunt kennels and national stud there was quite a lot of horse traffic.'

An old carriage stands in the former goods yard. Inside houses a small selection of railway memorabilia.

The original signal still stands, alongside an empty platform; a ghostly reminder of times past.


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lemon ...

I bought some lovely yellow lemon teatowels from Tchibo the other week, a pack of three for under £4. They are of really good quality and do a great job of brightening up a kitchen. You can often pick up a bargain from Tchibo, they change their stock every week, and with every purchase you get a free coffee!

A favourite of mine is lemon curd, the expensive, cheap and of the homemade variety. Lemon curd is traditionally eaten with bread or scones, but I often use it in a sponge cake, making up a basic Victoria Sponge recipe and filling with lemon curd, an inexpensive variety from the Sainsburys Basic range.

Waitrose sell the most amazing French recipe bread, delicious spread with Country Life butter and more lemon curd.

There is now approximately a teaspoon left in the bottom of the jar!