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the island of tenerife ...

Just got back from a week away in the Canary Islands, we had a great time, too much food, coffees, lager, and of course sangria, but lots of walking nevertheless. No hire car this time, to get around we used the public transport, buy a Bono Card and you get discount bus travel around the island!

I took the photo above on an afternoon stroll, these buildings being part of a hotel, close to ours. I really like the contrast, the colour of the buildings against the grey baroness of the mountains behind.

Of course Tenerife wouldn't be Tenerife without its rugged volcanic coastline. A stout pair of walking sandals are an essential piece of excess baggage!

Colourful fishing boats anchored in the port at Los Gigantes. Here you can also get to see the Cliffs of the Giants (Acantilados de los Gigantes), sheer rock walls that plunge into the sea, a close-up of their vastness being accessible by boat.

The island of La Gomera, this photo being taken along the walkway around our hotel. We stayed in the Riu Buena Vista in the small, quiet resort of Playa Paraiso, a great value for money all-inclusive hotel.

Everyday the temperature was in excess of 22 degrees, needlesstosay, we did not want to come back to the wet weather or sub-zero temperatures of the UK!


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competition winner ...

I so enjoyed reading all the comments left on my 200th post. I asked where you blogged from and what a journey you took me on!

Readers from the UK as far north as Tyne and Wear, stopping off on the way in the West Midlands, and then on to the far west of Cornwall. Readers from all over the world from Adelaide to the Phillipines, to Porto, from British Columbia to Vancouver Island heading south, a vast journey travelling through many states of America.

Thanks to everyone who entered. The photo above holds a clue to who has won the heart-shaped card/photo holder?

The winner (from Wiltshire in the UK) is Dancing on a Blade of Grass!


sunshine by Diego Patrian

it's a beautiful day ...

I take the train into work, it is very straightforward and the journey time is only five minutes max. I work in a town so taking the car isn't the easiest of options, with the volume of traffic and parking costs to consider. In my previous job, with ample free parking, I chose to take four wheels, and only took the train when I really, really had too.

Drat and double drat, I now work longer hours. Not that I necessarily have to, but these come part and parcel of my new job, and in this climate you really can't afford to be fussy. One regret is I don't have nearly enough time to do all that I enjoy, not only is my blog suffering, my garden suffering, my home suffering, I am suffering!

A redeeming feature of my new job is I do have a very pleasant walk from my home to the station, and from the station to my place of work. You come to realise when you use your own two feet, what you miss being sat at the wheel. Take this morning, what a beautiful day, the sky was clear blue and the sunshine was warm, and for the first time in days, woolly gloves didn't come as standard!

It is such a delight to witness the sights and sounds of the early birds, robins, blackbirds and bluetits and to get a glimpse of front gardens along the way too. You can discover a good idea or two from someone else's patch, and also be reminded of what possibly not to do on your own. Such a shame, some in a state of neglect, being inhabited by non-green fingers, rented, or by someone who just doesn't have enough hours in the day; and gardens being used as litter bins by inconsiderate passers by, strewn with the likes of Coke tins, takeaway containers and the like.

Even though our car stands on the driveway most days now, I would miss it if it wasn't there; but one thing I don't miss is standing outside frozen to the core, on a cold and frosty winter's morning, scraping ice from the windscreen!