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wish you were here ...

A postcard from Worthing, from me to you.

Just lately, as the weather has been set fair, I've been cycling into work. It's a straightforward route mostly along a seafront cycle path, just over three miles each way.

Remember the 1987 film, Wish You Were Here? Set in austere post-war Britain, this is a high-spirited tale of rebellious teenage girl Lynda, played by Emily Lloyd.

Many scenes were set in Worthing using the seafront, the Dome cinema and a shop in Rowlands Road.

Click here to see a clip of the film. Not only does it show lovely old Southdown buses in the Worthing bus depot, the Worthing outdoor lawn bowling greens, where the English Bowling Association have held the National Championships for over 25 years, it shows Lynda cycling along Worthing seafront just like I do!

Having a lovely time - I shall be next week, I have a week off!



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crabs, donkeys, postcards and silly hats ...

Happy days!

Me and my brother having fun by the seaside, early 1970s.