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flying high on the Dyke ...

Well the gorgeous weather continues, the past weekend being no exception.

On Sunday afternoon we spent an hour or so up on Devil's Dyke, just north of Brighton.

Parascenders and hang gliders regularly descend upon this popular beauty spot in West Sussex.

The weather was pretty breezy up the top, so imagine good for this sport.

The sun was shining, although misty down in the valley.

It was cold, and I should have taken gloves, of the fingerless variety, for taking pics.

Had a good roast in the van coming home.

I must say the thought of throwing myself off the side of a hill doesn't do it for me!

Has got me thinking of base jumping. Yikes!

Many wires appear to be getting crossed!

East/West Sussex boasts stunning scenery!

Green fields, pretty villages and hedgerow boundaries.

Anyone out there know what it feels like to be exposed to the elements like this?

Whatever the buzz, they seem to be having fun just sitting up there!



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it's a real nice place ...

Views from Lydney Harbour in Gloucestershire - in October!

Bring on the sunshine!



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hello possums ...

I've had Australia on my mind over the past few days.

Here are some pics of Melbourne taken by me on our last trip to Oz.

They show the really lovely area of the Docklands.

You can get there by tram.

Back in January 2010, the state of Victoria was experiencing some kind of freaky weather.

The temperature soared to 45 degrees!

There was cloudless blue sky over the Etihad stadium.

Melbourne's equivalent of the O2!

Sand sculptures baked in the heat.

We baked in the heat!

Next time.

I want to visit Melbourne in the cold, with no heat and no humidity!

Never have we been in need of so many smoothies, ice-creams or bottles of water.

Or so thankful for shelter!


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apple festival at Middle Farm ...

We mingled with like-minded pomophiles at the weekend!

We do this sort of thing down here in West Sussex!

The lovely Bessie May!

Call me strange, but I love a cow's lashes!

This home is where the heart is!

What I got up to at primary!

No good without a load of apples!
Best to pulp up your friends pre-walk!


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where the racetrack meets the sea ...

This weekend the MotoGP is being held at the Phillip Island Circuit in Australia.

We got to visit there in January 2010, and even got to stand on the podium.

Robbo is the resident Phillip Island Circuit cockatoo, who for some reason is behind bars?

not my photo

I think he's got dillusions of being Nicky Hayden!



not my photo!

are you on Twitter, or Facebook ...

Once I get started, only an Elastaplast can shut me up!

With this is mind, would you like to keep in touch with what I am up to, on Twitter or Facebook?

Yes, I know I said I never would, but I have!

To be honest, it is an easy way to keep in touch with anyone you know (a friend or colleague), or wish you did know (a music star or sports celebrity), using short and timely messages.

It's a great way to share mutual interests too.

So far there's a lot of MotoGP talk on mine, but the season is coming to an end in a month or so!

Please come and find me @LouiseCoulter64 on Twitter, or just plain old Louise Coulter on Facebook.



not my photo!

John Lennon ...

My Mum was a fan of John Lennon.

Today would have been his 70th birthday.

Can you believe it?

Right now my Mum would have been 70 too.

It's difficult to comprehend.

We chose to play Imagine at my Mum's funeral.

I do my best to avoid listening to it.

Apart from today.

It's getting easier.


photo from the book - Chloe Preston and the Peek-a-Boos

with a couple of friends, over tea and fruitcake ...

I've chosen the winner of my 300th post giveaway.

Well to be honest, it was over coffee, on my own, with no cake!

I asked you what you thought Haurel and Lardy's scruffy-looking ginger mog was keeping a lid on?

The winning suggestion would come from the person who put the widest smile on my face - and who did that?

It was you Lyn, from Everyday Life!

I think it's Robbie Williams in a union jack thong!!!

Laugh, I nearly cried!

It was tricky to choose an outright winner, so there will be a little something for three of the more thought-provoking comments received.

A small treat will be going to Kath at Juicy Fig, Marie at Dreaming of Wild Roses, and Sarah from The World of Twiggypeasticks!

I need all of your addresses, please.

A big thank you to everyone who finds the time to comment, and to follow me so avidly on the blog.

If you possibly can, please continue to make my day!