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new blogging beginnings and a thank you ...

As British Summertime begins, new blogging beginnings begins. From this day forward I vow to find a little more time to blog post on a more regular basis. Over the past six months or so, what with one thing and another (a new job, holiday, computer crashing, a dose of flu, holiday, a rotten cold), I haven't had the necessary thinking time to commit to a blog. I have missed taking the photos, writing, receiving word from bloggy friends, and of course visiting and commenting on your blogs too.

I'd like to thank (you know who you are) for not giving up on me and for continuing to look in at my blog, and to thank you for continuing to leave the interesting and kind comments that you do.

I'd like to welcome the following bloggy friends (click on the links to visit). All have left a comment or two on my blog since the start of the new year, thank you -

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within here is grace and peace ...

Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep - Carl Sandburg.

A saving grace to the demise of the once grand estate of Muntham Court, and the demolition of its stately house in 1961, is the now home of Worthing Crematorium, set in idyllic West Sussex countryside. A peaceful place where my Mum's ashes lie, heaven on earth.

Enter through an iron gate and walk through a sea of scillas into woodland glades, laced with daffodils and primroses.

See yellow blossom and ...

... pink blossom, against a Spring blue sky.

See multicolour bark on trees ...

... and a woodpile.

Listen to the 'drumming' of woodpeckers and the 'chink' of great tits, amongst a canopy of trees.


mother's day ...

Today I've been looking through photos and came across this one of my late Mum as a child on a shingle beach, not sure where, possibly Beer in Devon? Another mystery, I wonder who the feet belong to, possibly her Dad!

I can see a family resemblance in this photo. Steve and Stella, can you see Laura?

Happy Mother's Day to all!


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pot mums, polka dots and rotting fish ...

Promise me, they really do have something in common!

I don't particularly like shopping in Tesco, but this morning after a trip to the dentist, and in need of lamb chops for him indoors' tea, I pop into my local store at The Holmbush. Whilst sidetracked amongst the greetings cards, I am witness to a to-do, no not a disgruntled customer to-do, or a screaming child to-do, but an amongst the staff to-do. It turns out they are trying to pinpoint a smell, a horrible smell. It doesn't take long for one of them to discover a customer has, so kindly, stuck a bag of what was fresh fish, and now rotting fish, amongst a chocolate display!

Quickly plonking wrapping and tissue paper in the trolley, I swiftly vacate the area to continue on my way to the meat counter where I very conveniently pass the flower section, and there I spot the beautiful custard yellow 'pot mum' above, and at the bargain' price of £2.50. I just cannot say no!

Whilst on the subject of greetings cards and custard, on the doormat this morning was the beautiful badge card I purchased from Michele at Cowboys and Custard, for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day, which this year is on the 22nd March. Doesn't it look nice alongside the pack of blue polka dot pencils, another impulse buy from Tesco, a bargain at 75p, and ...

talking of chrysanthemums, not wanting to forget my mum on Mother's Day, I shall be placing flowers on her plot. Don't worry mum, it won't be chrysanthemums, I know you hated them, along with pompom dahlias!


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the downs link stage 2 ...

rudgwick - baynards - cranleigh - run common

This stage takes us across the border of West Sussex into the county of Surrey, cycling through autumnal woodland.

The Double Bridge. The lower brick arch left a steep gradient up to Rudgwick Station. The Board of Trade decided the gradient of 1:80 was too steep and would not allow the railway to open until the gradient was changed to a far gentler 1:130. The embankments were raised, and the girder bridge was built on top of the arch.

A log path leading up an embankment, the woodland in this area being well managed.

This bench came in useful, the inclines on this stage are fairly steep and the ground was wet and soppy. Pretty tricky cycling conditions for a mere amateur like me!

A beautiful period property, its architecture typical of the area with decorative scallop-tile hanging, steeply pitched roof and pretty gabled windows.

St Nicolas Church in Cranleigh. During the last five years £50,000 per annum has been spent on essential repairs and maintenance. This money has all been collected from the fund raising efforts of generous members of the community.

Attractive tree bark amongst headstones, being at rest in the most tranquil of settings.


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blue domino ware ...

Blue Domino appeals to the house-proud with beauty and utility combined. Who would not delight in the refreshing simplicity of this colour?

Introduced in the thirties by TG Green & Co and produced by Church Gresley craftsmen, blue Domino Ware features regularly spaced white spots achieved by a complex process involving stencils and paper masks. At its peak in the '50s and early '60s, it was withdrawn circa 1966.

I have a small collection, comprising of just three cups and three saucers, all pre the Gayday shape range which was introduced in 1960. I would love more, if only I had a larger kitchen and more shelves!

The advert above features a Man-in-the-Moon chocolate jug, which was made in three sizes.

First recorded advertisement illustrating Domino Ware, published in The Pottery Gazette, April 1934, featuring a young lady of the period enjoying tea and biscuits, in bed of all places!