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just like mum used to make one ...

With the cold winter ahead and the necessity for warming meals after a hard day, I thought I would share with you some simple, old fashioned hearty meals just like my Mum used to make from my childhood days. Most of the meals will include meat, so apologies to any vegetarians out there, I was brought up on a farm where eating meat was the norm, even my Mum was a vegetarian before she met my Dad, a farmer!

I know how many TV chefs harp on about how it is quicker to make a dish from scratch and cheaper than buying ready meals off the shelf, but I agree with them, and homemade does taste much better and is much better value for money, especially for those with larger families. We all try to come up with excuses to warrant buying ready meals (I dish them up when I am really pushed for time), but more times than not there is no excuse not to use good basic ingredients.

I often get put off by recipes in cook books as I rarely have all the ingredients they suggest in my store cupboard to hand, so most of the time I just cook simple, quick meals using few ingredients.

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This really does taste better than it looks!

We like liver, but I understand that a lot people are squeamish with the mere mention of offal, I don’t particularly relish it in its raw state but hey you are not eating it raw.

How to make lovely Liver with bacon and onions

I use pigs liver because I prefer it to lambs, fryed in a deep stir fry pan after first sauteing a large onion, then adding half a pack of smoky lardons and then the liver, to cook as desired, then I just make up a thickish gravy mix and add, along with plenty of black pepper, no salt as there is enough in the lardons and gravy powder. Served with new potatoes on this occasion but also lovely with mash, baby carrots with their skins on and frozen peas, no fancy ingredients here, what could be simpler (going to Tescos and picking one off the shelf, I hear you say)!

Served in a Pyrex dish just like mum did!


Stella said...

It is definitely the change in the weather and the darkeer evenings that get us all thinking about warming dinners and baking. I have reached for Mary Berry's Simple Cakes. So far the Cappuccino Cake has been baked and consumed and tonight I have the Bannana Loaf in the oven as I type;) I shall look forward to some more 'dinner ideas'

Steve Coulter said...

I am in a unique position to mention the stuffed hearts and brawn too ;)

Louise said...

Hello s m c ... only my brother could know this information!

Anonymous said...

Hi, homecooked liver and onions...what could be better? Certainly not a ready meal from Tesco. We're really with you on this...It's what we're trying to promote on our blog. We're really into seasonal produce, baking sewing and looking for bargains. This is our first visit to your blog...will be back.
Margaret and Noreen at THY

Steve Coulter said...

Followed by a nice blackberry pie from those bushes at the edge of the wood :) Hehe.