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kenwood, streptocarpus and sylvac bunny ...

My mum bought this Kenwood mixer from a car boot sale, it was in good as new condition. My mum became ill and couldn't use it anymore, so she gave it to me, if it is well looked after it will last for ever. I remember my granny had one of the original models in her kitchen back in the 1960s.

The Streptocarpus below originally came from a cutting which my step-dad bought at a jumble sale, the ladies on the stall didn't know what it was, but he did!

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Rain has stopped play at the moment, so I am going great guns with my housework, of course finding some spare moments to take some photos too.

As promised for Joanna at Higglety Pigglety, with whom I have recently been swapping correspondence with, two of the subjects being mixers and plants. I mentioned I may post photos of mine, so here they are.

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... not a good day for bunny rabbits!


Anonymous said...

Hi, both Noreen and I have Kenwoods. Noreen bought hers recently and got a bargain...mine I've owned since 1973 and it's still going strong...apart from replacing the bowl after Emily, who was going through a difficult teenage phase, slammed the door so hard that the bowl slipped off the draining board and smashed on the kitchen floor! Happy days!
Margaret and Noreen at THY

Candytuft Corner said...

Hi Louise,

I found you via Victoria May Plum and I was curious because of your blog name...Home is definitely where the heart is.

I have enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog and will call again.

Marie x

Joanna said...

Thankyou, your kenwood looks excellent clean condition. I can't wait to get mine working and make bread and pizza and mrangues and cake. Its looking very sad in its box in the shed. Your strep is lovely, I have been reading up on them and I'm such a fan. Lovely little bunny, thankyou.

Gigibird said...

more bunnies!!!

Thing is they are just as cute from behind as they are infront:)

What I would give for a Kenwood mixer....it's on my wish list.