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just like mum used to make two ...

Looks a bit messy drizzling down the sides but I'm in good company, as this is how Nigella likes her fruit crumble to look!

The name Shepherds Pie does not appear to be old, first appearing in the 19th century, the first known mention being in 1885, although the dish itself must be much older.

How to make delicious Shepherds Pie

The first step is to dilute two meat Oxo cubes in a mug of boiling water, then in a saucepan sauté an onion in a little oil until soft, then add the lambs mince (on this occasion I used Welsh Hill lamb mince 'matured for fuller flavour') and fry off, once browned bring off the heat and add a good heaped dessertspoon of flour, this is the thickening agent, then slowly stir in the stock, a good splash of Worcestershire sauce, a squeeze of tomato ketchup and lots of ground black pepper, no salt as this is already in the stock cubes. Place mince into a dish and cover with lots of creamy mashed potato, I fluff mine into peaks so it goes lovely and crispy when baked and then to finish off with lots of ground black pepper. I remember my 'Granny G' used to do a fancy lattice pattern on hers and put little knobs of butter on the top, what do you do?

You may prefer the look of Delias!

Have you heard of Gobble Pie which uses minced turkey?


Victoria May Plum said...

ooh your shepherds pie is making my mouth water. It is certainly the season for Shepherds pie, Homemade is so much better!
I use Quorn mince though, and I always put lots of buttery horseradish mashed potato on top, yummy.

Joanna said...

We had shepards pie last night, well a meat on and a veggie one. An old college friend of K's was visiting from germany and was very impressed to have some nice filling english food, yours looks wonderful and tasty

Gigibird said...

I do use horseradish when I use beef, but when I use lamb mince I add mint sauce in the meat and a spoonful of redcurrent jelly.
Homemade is always best.