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i've been thinking pink today ...

... whilst doing chores, about how many pink items I had around the house, these are just a few of them!


thehomelyyear said...

Hi, Louise, thanks for mentioning us on your blog. We have listed your blog on our favourites. The icecream is very easy to make(it's why I make it!)and works very well with blackberries...I'll post the recipe tomorrow. I don't seem to have a problem with woodlice eating the pansies although we do have loads of them in the garden. Will visit your gardening blog as soon as I have time.
Love your pink things- very pretty!
Margaret and Noreen at THY

thehomelyyear said...

Hi again, Louise we've posted the recipe for the blackberry or bilberry icecream on the blog at last.
Margaret and Noreen at THY