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the town of shoreham ...

These are some pictures of Shoreham, taken from the footbridge, which is a short distance from where we live. The weather was so glorious last Sunday that J and I took advantage, downed tools and got on our bikes. Our local councils have recently built a great cycle path along the coast which runs alongside the footpath, so now there is no excuse not to use pedal power. I like Shoreham and in recent months regeneration has been taking place with a large new development of town and riverside houses, the opening of trendy bars and coffee houses, a contemporary florist and gift shops. Shoreham is only a small town but its rising popularity may be due to an overspill from nearby Brighton and Hove as I believe properties are getting harder and harder to find there and the market price is proving too expensive for a lot of buyers.

Before returning home we grabbed a take-away coffee and pastry and cycled back towards the beach were we stopped for a while before getting back to the daily grind.


Nonnie said...

Shoreham looks really pretty, especially under that gorgeous blue sky. I've never visited despite the fact that my Grandparents lived at West Wittering(which I still visit a lot despite them being gone) and my oldest friend lives in Hove. I'll have to pay it a visit next time I'm down on the coast.

thehomelyyear said...

Hi, Shoreham looks lovely. We had wonderful weather to on our visit to the Lakes too...very lucky. I don't know your area at all but Noreen has lived and worked in Brighton. Really good to be able to cycle.
Margaret and Noreen at THY