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For my oldest friend Fiona who I know regularly looks into my blog, the posts Evening Out, Birthday Weekend and Birthday are for you, so that you can catch up on birthday events!

I promise today's post will be the last you hear on the subject of the B word, I just wanted to thank everyone for their lovely cards and to show them off, before they go into the blue box to be recycled. I always leave my cards up on show for at least a fortnight and don't care if dust settles around them, it is a very good excuse not to do the housework as thoroughly as I usually do.

Thanks to my family who gave me money, which always comes in handy doesn't it, and to Steve and Stella for the lovely floral shopper by Two's Company Inc, Laura for the turtle (say no to plastic) bag with information on how to adopt a turtle/Matthew Rice seed tin (all beautifully wrapped), Irene my friend from work who bought me books on Australia (for our planned trip in the near future) and a lovely latte mug which has come to very good use over the weekend, J's mum for the lovely illuminated flowers and of course thanks to my best friend of all J who bought me a beautiful bracelet. No more mention until next year!

This evening we walked down to the beach front to see the annual firework display put on by the local Lions Club, admission is free and the fireworks are great. No photos as I wanted to concentrate on the fireworks and not on taking the photos!

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday to you, Louise!! I hope your day was fabulous!!! ~ hugs, Lynda xo