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the police ...

I was a huge fan of The Police when I was 15 and I confess to having lots of posters stuck in my locker at school and a large poster on my bedroom wall. I was interested to see where their return tour dates were being held and the price of the tickets, anyway I discovered at Wembley Arena the tickets range from £45 to £95, a little different from the £3 I paid back in 1979!


primrozie said...

Isn't it awful the price of a concert ticket anymore? The school bus company I work for will charter trips for various events and about a year ago I drove a group to the Dave Matthews Band concert in Pittsburgh. I thought since I was going there anyway that I would purchase 2 tickets so my husband could go with me. It cost me $100.00 for a spot in the grass, not even near the stage!! It was a great concert though and the $80.00 tip they gave me helped to offset the price of the tickets. I also got paid for doing the driving. I would have liked to have had a beer, but I was the designated driver ;)

Anyway ~ this is about the only way I'll go see another concert!

S M C said...

Amazing you posted a picture of tht ticket! Only an hour ago discussing that gig with our neighbours who just saw them at Twickenham. I remember going, but certainly don't remember it only costing £3 !!