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just like mum used to make four ...

I could eat Yorkshire Pudding until the cows come home, and J loves it too, Toad in the Hole is one of our favourite meals and so easy to make.

First brown off a pack of good quality chipolatas in a non-stick roasting dish in the oven, then add a little extra oil and heat until really hot (about 200 degrees c) and then add the batter mix. I always make the batter mix a few hours earlier to give it a chance to stand, this is a tip that has been passed down through the family. The batter is made by placing 4oz plain flour into a mixing bowl and then stirring in half a pint of semi-skimmed milk, once mixed together, beat in two large eggs and a pinch of salt, I find doing it this way I get no lumps in my batter and mixing by hand is sufficient.

I do follow recipe ingredients quite carefully, but I always estimate the times my recipes take to cook, temperatures vary and only you know the ferocity of your oven but I cook mine at about 180 degrees c until the batter is cooked through and golden brown.

We just have ours with a little extra gravy and baked beans, you really do not need anything else, it is very filling!

This is for Sara @ Farming Friends who recently wrote about British Sausage Week, she too likes Toad in the Hole, a good job really as she is from Yorkshire!



Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Louise
Your timing is immaculate!
First it was the lemon meringue pie and now Toad in the Hole... I have two packs of chipolatas in the fridge and eggs galore all ready to make this scrummy dish for my son and his friend tomorrow night.. his favourite! and guess what ... baked beans to go with it... spooky!

Matron said...

Aahhh! comfort food, what an inspired idea. Just as the evenings are getting colder. I went out today and bought some short grain rice, I'm going to make a rice pud!

Katherines Dream said...

It looks perfect Louise.
You cannot beat a good old Yorkshire Pudd and chipolatas, I prefer them to big fat sausags.
Thanks for popping over, do pop in again.

farmingfriends said...

I look forward to tasting your toad in the hole. It sounds yummy. I like it with cheesey mash and onion gravy. delicious. Thanks for the mention - I am honoured and thanks for the link. Best Wishes
Sara from farmingfriends

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Louise
Please could you pop over to Cowboys.. I have an award for you.. please forgive me if I have messed up with the link..

Nicola said...

Since going vegan, I have been unable to figure out a version of this that would work without the eggs. I used to love Yorkshire pudding.